What's coming home Friday?

40watts is a dim light bulb MkMk
Well, "cannon" from the movie is "Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 Watt range."

A Watt is a Joule, or 1kg/m^2/sec^-3, or 3/4 ft-lb/sec, which is 0.001HP--not a huge number.

What we do not know is the area that 40W is to be applied upon. 40 Joules is weak on a square meter. On a square millimeter, that's 4000 Joules, which might sting a bit if expressed as a squirt of charged plasma. The movie, for sake of brevity, does not suggest what sort of electron voltage the plasma is phased to; DC plasma cutter will get room air to like 25,000°F

We don't know which continents the Phased Plasma Rifle was built upon, and we can be pretty sure (barring timey-wimey shenanigans) that they were in production after WWII.

I'm still thinking this is a multi-barrel break-action survival rifle, but I'm coming up blank on a potential maker.
So- What's Coming Home Friday didn't since I had leave work early because my daughter got in a fender-bender (she's fine).

But since everyone is dying of anticipation, gimme a minute to find some stock images on the internet and Ill drop the big reveal. 😊
So, What's Coming Home Tomorrow?
Beretta M413!
(Stock images, but mine looks pretty much identical.)

After cashing out my range lane the other day, I was showing my buddy Peter my $100 Remington rescue .22 when he snapped his fingers and told me to wait a minute while he ran to the stock room. He came back with this really clean old folding shotgun they had just released from trade-in jail. I'd never see this model before, but I was looking for a simple break-action folding rifle or shotgun so I flipped over the tag-
The bad news: Its a 16 gauge.
The good news: It's a Beretta......and it said $125 on the tag.
Peter said a few folks had already walked away from it because of the chambering so give him $100 and call it a day.
Thats right, a $100 Beretta- and best of all it DOESN'T require restoration.
Ive already got some 16 Ga. shells on the way, along with .410 and .22 adapters......😁
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Not a ton of info out there on these, but apparently Beretta started making them in the late '40s in several trim levels before handing over production to Taurus at some point in the 80s. Yildiz still makes a copy in Turkey, some of which are imported here under the Midland brand, in .410 anyway.
I seem to remember seeing a couple of the Midland guns a while back, but never knew they were derived from a Beretta design.
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