What's your age group and what do you carry?

What is your age group and what do you carry.

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Feb 10, 2010
Grayson, Ky
I posted this poll 2 years ago and it got brought back up a few days ago. I'm going to recreate it, with a few tweaks, so you can vote in the pole.

Pick your age and type of firearm you carry the MOST.

After you vote, post your age and what gun you carry.

Once this poll runs a while, I will compare the poll from 2011 and see if/how the results have changed.
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still a Glock

I probably missed the poll 2 years ago, but the answer for me is still a Glock22 or 27 (40S&W).
Most often carry an xds .45. Since the recall I have been carrying my Sig 239.
I'm 32 and I carry a SA XDs most of the time. I also carry a Ruger SP101 about 40% of the time.
Hard to say. It depends.

38 and carry:

Steel Frame .44 Special
Alloy Frame .32 H&R Mag J-Frame
Bersa .380

I love them all. Sometimes it is hard to choose.
I'm 45 and live outside of Knoxville, most of my summer carry is a 442 snub then fall its switches to a CZ-75 compact or a SR9c I like to have choices
58 and Illinois does not yet allow concealed carry but it's coming. I'll be carrying my Colt Model M in .32 ACP except when I can conceal larger pieces.

In that case I'll be carrying a Glock 26, a Colt Officers ACP, or another unknown at this time.

Should have had a "both" option. I regularly switch between a Model 36 S&W, Browning High Power and a Walther PP. Just depends on what I'm doing and how I feel on a particular day.

What has become my one constant is a NAA Black Widow in .22 Magnum. Carries like a pocket knife and gets carried daily in addition to or lack of anything else.
I need more than one option...age 43, I carry different sidearms depending on what I am doing. Everyday-urban carry is LCP. Woods/out of town carry is SR1911 or SP101.
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