Which 10mm?

Which 10mm

  • GLOCK 29

    Votes: 11 7.1%
  • GLOCK 20

    Votes: 39 25.3%
  • GLOCK 40

    Votes: 16 10.4%

    Votes: 11 7.1%
  • XDM 4.5

    Votes: 12 7.8%
  • S&W M&P

    Votes: 21 13.6%

    Votes: 44 28.6%

  • Total voters
All are great choices. I own 3, the 29, XDM 4.5 and XDM 3.8. You can't go wrong with any of these. My preference if I'm carrying one is the XDM 3.8 as I shoot it better then the 29. If I'm not carrying it I'd go with the XDM 4.5 for the same reason. I'm a fan of M&P's but haven't tried the 10mm yet.
I'm also a M&P enthusiast, but I haven't shot the 10mm yet. If I do and it feels good and functions well, it may come home with me.

Having said all that and since I haven't shot the M&P yet, I must (I must, but it hurts) cast my lot with the Glock 20.
Obviously I like Glocks. I worked hard to like Glocks, but now that I do, I do. You could do the same, or you could choose whatever gun already feels and shoots well for you. As 10mm is expensive and you don't reload (unless something has changed?), you might consider the possibility of shooting .40S&W for much of your range practice. The correct way to do that is with a .40 conversion barrel, which I know are available for Glocks. I can't speak to any of the other brands on that matter.

On paper, Glock is the pragmatic answer for many reasons. Magazine cost, known reliability, aftermarket support, etc. In the hand, perhaps something else might be preferable to you. So I'll abstain from voting at this time.
I voted 29, because that's what works best for me - hey, they OP didn't provide any guidelines!

I am in California, where we are limited to 10 round magazines, so there wasn't much reason to go with a full-sized gun, at least as a CCW piece. With full-power ammunition, though, it is a real handful. For a range gun or perhaps a CCW carried outside the waistband, a bigger and heavier gun would be much more pleasant to shoot.
I prefer the Glock 20 and 40 MOS, it's what I went for first.
If you are a handloader, highly recommended dropping in Alpha/Lone wolf aftermarket barrel....greater chamber support helps save brass from becoming bulged, guppy bellied and then the follow up "Glock Smile" and can shoot all the lead you could ever want through the conventional rifling. I shoot all full powered 10mm loads in these guns with great success.
I know improvements have been made in the last 5-10 years with other 1911 style, and other semi auto 10mm designs, making them great contenders in the 10mm market. I wouldn't discredit anything out there these days from SIG, SA.....got my eye on the Dan Wesson Bruin or Kodiak. Big money. Havnt pulled the trigger yet.
I like my Glock 20 and my Glock 29. If I was bored and just wanted a 10mm for fun, I'd personally get some kind of a 1911 though because nothing satisfies that kind of boredom better than a nice new 1911 imho. If I wanted an actual 10mm fighting pistol, I'd go with the Glock 20 or the Glock 29. The Glock 20 would be my first choice as it isn't that much harder to conceal than the 29 and recoil on the 29 can be pretty snappy; whereas, not so much with the larger 20.
Really depends on how it feels in your hand. I have a G20, S&W MP 2.0, Springfield Elite 3.8” and had a 1006, Witness Polymer and a RI 1911 and as of right now, the S&W feels the best in my hand.

In regards to modification, my G20 has a KKM barrel for fully supported chamber since I shoot full power 10MM reloads. I used the G20 to develop my super hot 180 gr 800X loads. I don’t see any chamber support issues with either of the S&W or Springfield and they cycle just fine.

Gotta ask the OP on his intent for the 10MM? Do you reload?
I have no real need except I wanted a 10mm. Not wanting to pay the Glock/XDM/Ruger price for something that will probably see little use I opted for the RIA 1911 GI for $450. Surprisingly well made it is dead on accurate and no FT anything. I’ve been plinking around the yard and amazed how fun it is to shoot. I don’t see myself ever needing a bear gun. B97-DCC3-B-E9-A3-45-A3-9-E91-80-D3-B68-DD90-F.jpg
I've had a G20 and G29. Nothing wrong with either, but I sold the G20 after buying the G29. It gave me more options. I didn't shoot the bigger gun any better and I had the option of a smaller gun with the G29. And I could always use 15 round G20 magazines in it. With a mag sleeve I had the same grip as the G20 and the shorter barrel wasn't a handicap at all.

But after buying a Smith M&P Compact with a safety lever I sold the G29. It splits the difference in size between the G20 and G29. For what I use it for the safety was a huge plus. 10mm is my choice for hiking/camping and I was never comfortable having a round in the chamber of a Glock with it in my sleeping bag. I simply left an empty chamber with the Glock unless it was in a holster. I sleep better with a round chambered and the safety on with the Smith.

My Smith 10mm has a 4 lb trigger vs 6 lbs on the Glock. I wouldn't want a 4 lb trigger on a Glock and I do shoot the Smith better.
It would help to know your intent. I voted G20 because I have one and it is middle of the road from your list as far as size. If you are wanting it for bear defense in Montana, then I'd vote G40. If you are looking at EDC and range use, I'd go XDM compact and stay away from G29.
M&P is probably not a bad option, I just haven't had one in my hands yet.
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First for the revolver guys! Thanks I'm really looking to add a semiautomatic. I'm in good shape with revolvers.

I will likely carry the 10mm for wilderness defense, and range fun. I, like many of you have it covered times 2, but I have never had a 10mm and would like to try it.

OK then... Glock 20 then pick up additional barrels for 40S&W and 357Sig. That should cover all your bases. Its well vetted and can give you enough versatility with other barrels you wont get bored easily. Glocks are one of the most Vanilla firearms out there to me but the model 20 and 40 are pretty special IMO. Even with all these newer 10mms on the market I still think the Glock 10mms have the top spot. They are also very well priced (a bargain really) for such a strong 10mm.

Neatest one for me would be the Grand Power but I would not buy one of those and not expect to run into issues.