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Which .22 LR upper of AR15 is better, DPMS, BM or others?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ShootAndHunt, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. ShootAndHunt

    ShootAndHunt Member

    Dec 5, 2003
    I begin to think to buy a .22 LR upper for my Bushmaster XM15 E2S 20", mainly because I want to enjoy some fun plinking and pratice skills with these inexpensive .22. I prefer to buy a complete upper, because I worried about the lead deposite in the barrel if using a simple .22 conversion kit, and 1:9 twish rate might be too fast for .22 LR. I heard that DPMS has some .22 LR uppers, then Bushmaster just introduced a Carbon 15 .22 LR upper. I would appreciate the guys who used either of these .22LR uppers (including other brand I might not know now) to share their experience:

    1. Which upper is better? DPMS is alum. while BM is carbon fiber, it seems DPMS upper is more solid (and heavier), which do you prefer?

    2. BM upper have no forward assist, could this sometimes cause some problem when the bolt cannot close completely?

    3. I prefer to use iron sight since .22 LR is most effective within 75 yds, DPMS does have an upper with the NM M16 A2 sight system, how about the sight on BM?

    4. Are these uppers just drop in fit in any brand lower?

    5. other considerations

    6. other brand uppers?

    Basically I want to buy an upper with the $300 ~ $400 range with iron sight for praticing and plinking, so please don't talk me into the $1000 deluxy uppers:D :what:
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