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Wifes first shoot.....

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Northern-Lights, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Northern-Lights

    Northern-Lights Member

    Jul 18, 2008
    Escanaba, Michigan
    I recently bought a XD 9 (4 inch) for home and will begin concealed carry with it as well. However, my wife hasn't shot with me in more than 20 years because when we were newly weds....(and I wasn't as smart), I took here shooting a .22 revolver I had without hearing protection. (I know...very dumb.)

    Anyway, I wanted to get back into handguns and felt that if I got the 9mm....she would be able to shoot it much better than a .40 or .45. So, I bought the 9mm and have been shooting it quite a bunch lately.

    This evening......I asked if she'd like to go shooting. I'm a member of a local sportsman's club with a great indoor and outdoor facility. We went over and at first were the only ones there.

    I'd taken the Browning Buckmark .22 also and we started with that. (Yes...being much smarter now...we both were wearing good hearing protection!) She did very well and enjoyed it.....so, after burning up 150 rounds of that......I suggested we move to the 9mm.

    By that time and older couple had arrived and I think that helped because she was able to see another woman shooting and enjoying it.

    Anyway, I fired several rounds to show her the differences.....then had her load a magazine. I hadn't taken much time with my target and the 9mm.....but she did and her first target looked GREAT! Granted we started at 5 yards.....but that was because I wanted her to have some success.

    I was shocked at her first target. I was so impressed....I suggested we shoot together more often. Then, after looking at her target I made the comment that if she kept outshooting me.....she couldn't come anymore. At that....the older couple started laughing and I think my wife is now hooked.

    I causually mentioned getting another Buckmark and also an XD 9 sc for a better concealed carry gun. While she said finances don't allow that right now....she wasn't against it and even suggested that for now we can shoot what we have and enjoy it!!!

    Wow.....Talk about things coming together nicely. Who knows.....maybe she'll even shoot a league with me someday.

    Never give up guys....just don't force the issue.
  2. Mrs. Armoredman

    Mrs. Armoredman Member

    Oct 23, 2004
    Thats great. I am glad she enjoyed going with you to the range. I have a 9mm and she shoots like a dream. It does feel good when other women show up with thier husbands. It makes me anyway feel better. Great shooting.
  3. geojap

    geojap Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Austin, TX
    Congratulations. I know how cool that is for both of you.

    My girlfriend, who is very much a non-gun person, goes shooting with me a few times a year. She spots for me at the rifle range with the spotting scope, calling my shots. And then we switch and I spot for her. The Arsenal AKs (SLR-95, SLR-106) are easiest for her to shoot and she can keep it inside 4 MOA all day. I was really impressed with her myself.
  4. Old Grump

    Old Grump Member

    Jun 30, 2008
    Blue River Wisconsin
    Good approach

    Women pay more attention than men and are more likely to obey instructions and keep their mind on what they are doing. My best students have been women and men with little or no experience. It really is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. I would say your approach was absolutely 100% correct, congratulations in bringing another shooter into the fold.
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