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Wildlife Institute Imperial No-Plow question

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by BoilerUP, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. BoilerUP

    BoilerUP Member

    Feb 4, 2008
    Clark Co, IN
    Anybody use No-Plow before for their foot plots?

    I picked up a 9lb bag of it, as well as a 25lb bag of Evolved Harvest EasyPlot to plant on my Washington Co, KY farm. Planned on doing it this weekend but was foiled by rain; may do it during the upcoming week or next weekend.

    I'm curious about the results folks have seen using it, as well as the kinds of areas where it has been planted. We have a large river bottom that holds moisture very well which is a candidate for the EasyPlot, but I'm thinking the No-Plow will be for clearings and logging roads within the hardwoods.

    I do have a tiller for the hard-to-reach areas, as well as tractor discs/drag for the main field...where we plan to put corn, soybeans, & turnips.
  2. 41 Mag

    41 Mag Member

    Jan 22, 2005
    Texas - Born and Raised
    I have used it both successfully and unsuccessfully. We planted it in several ara on my friends place which is mostly river bottom areas. It came up fine but didn't last very long. Also planted it in pastures on our place, did the lime thing fertilized, and grew a great crop of weeds. Never had anything come of it there.

    I have had my best luck in both places throwing plain ol iron and clay cow peas. They generally make it to about knee high, then seemingly overnight nothing left but the vines. Puts some good protein in the deer just about the time they really need it, and cost less for more output. WE have used a 4 wheeler and pallet tied to the back to simply cover them up back in the wooded ares we can't get to with the tractor. Just set a piece of plywood on it, make the gaps and drive some big nails through. Then nail the plywood to one side of the pallet. Now you got a drag to tear up the soil some then flip it over and cover after sowing.

    Might sound hokie but it works.

    I got 50 pounds out a couple of weeks ago, hopefully with what rain we have had it will be up by our next trip. Here is one area before I put it in on my 10 acres, it's about 100yds long and about 50yd at the widest,

    I disked under that winter rye and put out close to 30# in there. I told the wife, if half of it come up we will probably have to bring in a machete to get through it. I am hoping it will draw in the great buck I saw last season and possibly I or my grandson will get him this year. He was sporting 10 points and pushing close to 20" this past fall. He didn't get that big being dumb though. He is still working our strip of property and a couple of does use it to fawn last year and from appearances, are doing the same this year. hopefully they will draw the big boy back in.

    Good luck with yours.
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