Wilson Combat Frame Module For Sig P365

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May 17, 2011
Columbia, SC
I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. Wilson Combat has introduced a grip frame module for the Sig 365. I don't own a Sig 365, not sure I ever will since I prefer DA/SA Hammer Fired configuration for concealed carry but was curious to see what others were saying about it.

Here is a link to Wilson's video on YouTube.
I'm not buying one for mine. Maybe if they'd have added a "real" rail on it instead of the Sig one.

I have one on my P320 and really like it. Makes a big difference, especially after adding the tungsten weights. Super easy to change as well.
I'll definitely get one. It also looks like a Wilson 365 is in the works. Their P320 w/ action tune is a wonderful gun.
WIlson Combat is selling a 1.5 oz tungsten weight kit that fits inside of their P365 grip modules.

I haven't weighted my P365 grip module yet, but I have weighted my P365XL grip module. When the magazine is near empty, a P365/X/XL/SAS is top heavy and feels floppy. Adding a 1.5 oz weight inside the grip module greatly reduced the floppy feeling and improved the balance of my P365X. The weighting may have also taken a little bit of the edge off of the recoil.

The Wilson Combat P365 grip module has 3 rounded slots inside that you can slide round tungsten rods into for up to 1.5 oz of additional weight. If you buy the Wilson grip module I recommend adding the weight kit.
I added a grip wrap to my 365xl to make the grip a bit larger and am perfectly happy with it now so I will pass on the Wilson product.
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