Would you take a 2 year old to a Gun show?

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I wouldn't take a 2 yr old to a gun show.
But not because I'd fear he'd see something that would make him scarred for life.
I'd be afraid I'd want my hands checking out firearms, and I'd fear his hands would be
grabbing everything in sight.

I also wouldn't take a 2 yr. old to a movie theater, on an airplane. But that's another story.
I took mine to a gunshow when similar circumstances arose. I had a backpack carrier to tote her around with. It worked great until one guy sold her a set of spurs!:D
Leave the kid at home make it easier on yourself and everyone else. Trying to get around a fussy kid in a stroller is a pain for you and everyone else.
I took my two year old son to a coin show over the summer and he got upset when he couldn't touch/play with the coins on display. I expect similar results at a gun show.
I've taken my 1 year old to gun shows before (he's 6 now). Who cares what other people "think". I would advise bringing a stroller, that way if they get out of hand or tired they can be put in the stroller. It also can help carry the heavy bags of smaller purchases.
x2 on the backpack carrier. I am a single dad, and started going to gun shows again when my daughter was old enough for the backpack carrier (younger than 1). She loved it, as something different to do. I saw plenty of strollers in use as well, and no real problems (the shows we go to are in a large venue with wide aisles). I always brought some food and a drink for her, as well as some type of small toys. The backpack carrier had a couple of pockets (accessible if you are flexible enough) to stash those things. She usually fell asleep by the end (I would spend about 3 hours walking the show). All the women thought it was so cute to see her up there. One lady gave me half-price on a set of mini-BDUs for my daughter because she thought she was so cute riding around on that backpack. She is now 8, and unfortunately not very interested in guns right now (she was when she was younger), so sometimes I get someone to watch her if I go to a show. She does still remember the gun shows as a baby though, and it was a fun experience for both of us. Once she was a little older (2 or so) I started a "tradition" of getting her anything she wanted at the snack bar on the way out, with the understanding that we would skip that step if she misbehaved at all. That was another way of making the whole experience a "treat" for her.

Well thank you for all the input. We went. She had a good time. I brought a few toys for her and some pretzels. I used a compact umbrella stroller. We made it befor the rush (the crowds were a little more than I expected from the last show but not bad). She was well behaved and only once did she get real curious and start fingering something, and that happened to be the cloth on the table which I quickly moved her away from. Overall a good outing.

Thanks for the suggestions. She, and I, had a good time.
not now.....not ever. there is nothing there for a two year old. your the child's father... do something with the kid that it will enjoy.
My son has been to every gun show with me since he's been able to walk. He enjoys it tremendously. I always make it a point to stop and let him rest up every now and again. Also, somewhere in the middle of our journey we make it to the snack bar for a Coke and food of his choice. My son is well disciplined and knows to keep his hands off of stuff, so managing him has never been a problem. If you like spending time with your kid and know how to keep him/her entertained then you should take him/her.
Always took my kids to gun shows. That was back in the days when one could smoke cigars and cigretts on the floor. Accually got a good deal on a gun cause my girl was so cute.
Some gun shows have an age limit on kids being allowed into the show. Myself I wouldn't take a two year old to a show because I'm there to get away from the everyday happenings. I personally don't like it because as said before some of the aisles are too narrow for two grown adults to get down let alone a stroller. I may be a crusty old fart for these views but I've made my sacarifices in my younger years when my kids where that young and I don't have any grandkids yet.
I took my daughter when she was two and had to carry her. The dealers where so into making her smile (she is a cute kid) I couldnt get a straight answer out of any of them. I did find her a beanie baby though lol!
Why not? But I`ll admit I haven`t seen to many "little" people at my Gun Shows.
When you handling a weapon, who`s got the kid? Good luck.
If the kid can behave and you can be sure he does (hands off stuff) than why not. As a parent it's YOUR responsibility to be sure the child behaves and doesn't cause an issue. Biggest thing is to remember that the child remains your primary focus while your there.
I did yesterday, along with the 5 yr old, 9 yr old, 11 yr old, and my wife. Went back again today with just my 9 yr old and looked at all the stuff I missed yesterday.
My daughter turned two earlier this month and I certainly wouldn't want to bring her with me. She wants to inspect every single little thing and if she can't, things get rather unpleasant.
I don't think the others who pay just to attend the show would appreciate hearing a frustrated child crying and fussing either.
I think if you are willing to consider that you should want your child to act the

way you would want anybody else's child to act in public, it's OK.

As a parent, I never allowed my child to act out in public. I have little tolerance,

and no respect,for parents who have no control over their children.

As such, I truly resent it when some goober hauls some screaming brat out in

public, and ruins a good time for all.

At that age, I carried my girl wherever we went. She got a fair share of my

attention, and I had no problem keeping her under control.(means QUIET!):scrutiny:
only if i could not find a sitter i could trust. it is not that it is inapropriate, it is just it would be a real PITA. changing diapers, keeping him/her from grabbing stuff. crying, and then keeping track of him/her if you want to pick up something. it would not be a lot of fun. but, if the only other choice was missing the show.... i guess that is something you will have to weigh for yourself.
Hell i went with my dad in the 50's when i was 6 or so...I still rembered it...perhaps that is why i like guns now? My kids were all good. they were taught at an early age not to touch or play with guns. My dad was a pilot. When we went to air shows my kids did not put their hands on and climb all over home built air planes. Always take your kids. they are the future.
It is cheaper when they are two. They cost more when the get older!! Not just the price of admission but the needs and wants.
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