Your most accurate 45ACP load?

200 gr S&G #68 bullet over 4.0 grns Bullseye.
That would be my suggestion also. For anything under 25 yards it works great. For longer distances I use something with more velocity and less drop, but 4.0 BE with 200 grain SWC is pretty much a time tested target load.
Loaded a few test rounds to try in the backyard.
Can only go out to 10 yards at the moment, but 4.4gn WST under a .451" 200gn blue bullet SWC shows some promise out of the Gold Match.
I can also tell I'm getting rusty. Haven't shot in several months due to the heat and humidity around here.(82* with 74% humidity today, I'm ready for fall/winter!)

Gonna load up some with some other powders to try next time I can get to the range.

Home cast H&G #68, 200 gr LSWC's, seated to allow just a hair's width of full dia. bullet shank above the case rim. This allows that hair line of lead showing above the tapered crimp to smooth the entry into the chamber. A loading trick I picked up from Al Dinan, noted match grade 1911 gunsmith from the 50's & 60's.

With 5.1-5.2 gr of Win 231, that bullet will do nicely for 25 & 50 yd Bullseye competition. I size to 0.452", and the alloy is wheel weights to lead in a ratio of 2:1. I also use the old NRA lube formula: 50/50 alox to beeswax.

My 1911's include a Colt Nat'l Match Gold Cup, a WWll Remington-Rand, two Ruger 1911's, a Sig 1911 RCS, a Sig P227 & 220, and my son's DW, and two Colts. All prefer this loading above any other. At ~800 fps from a 5" bbl., it'll also do nicely for CC if you don't mind reloads.

In addition to the above, that same combination also works to perfection in a 7-1/2" bbl'd Colt SAA with my spare .45 ACP cylinder installed. In my S&W M-25 1955 Target N frame, it's the most accurate .45 ACP load I've ever fired averaging 1.5" gps at 25 yds as the rule. The Smith's 6.5" bbl gives me a chrono'd 875+ fps making it a field gun with considerable smack. Fifteen years ago, I put down a young buck whose rear off side leg had been broken by a misguided bow hunter's broadhead. Penetration from the front was through the skull, brain and exited through 5" of neck muscle. Penetration it's got!

HTH's Rod
My results almost mirror yours.
I use H&G 68 cast with alloy of 1 pt lino to 2 parts ww. Sized .452 in Star Lubrisizer. I use my own lube made from a 5 gallon bucket of Alox purchesed about 30 years ago and beeswax from local beekeeper. This is in a series 70 Colt that has been tricked out. OAL is determined by taking out the barrel and seating bullet until case is flush with hood of barrel. I used the old Winchester primer and 5.9 grains of WW231. I don't remember what the group size was but it was impressive from a Ransom rest at 50 yards. From then on I knew if my accuracy was not up to snuff it wasn't the gun that was the problem.
5.0 gr of Bullseye under Berry's 185 gr hollow base plated bullet. Fired from a Kimber custom II with 5 in barrel. Light recoil & accurate at 25 yards. This has been my go to load for the last 10 or so years.
Up until recently, I've been happy with 230 RN over 5.0 700-X. Functions well in all my 1911's and i get good accuracy. Depends on the gun though.

Other shape bullets are hit and miss function wise depending on the bullet shape and the particular gun I shoot them in.

Recently, I bought a current production Gold Cup. It feeds SWC bullets well and with Accurate #2 powder gets great accuracy.
Good thread . I just ordered some 200 gr rn bullets from Xtreme . This will be my first time loading .45 acp .
I'm happy with Alliant's Bulls Eye for target loads for 45 acp with most bullet weights.
Good thread . I just ordered some 200 gr rn bullets from Xtreme . This will be my first time loading .45 acp .
If those bullets are Xtreme 200gr plated RN try 5.2gr of Bulls eye at 1.262"
Find your jam point and stay .01-.015 from it, using your barrel as a gage.
Use a light taper crimp to remove the flare, seat and crimp in separate steps. check for bullet movement with a dummy round in the firearm, adjust crimp and or COL accordingly.
6.0 gr of Unique under a 200 gr H&G lswc. Gives me 900-950 fps out of my guns. Worked for me for almost 50 years.
MBC 200gr SWC 4.7 or 5.ogr of HP38/W231, shooter is the limiting factor.

I think 5.0 was maybe a hair more accurate but 4.7 is softer,

If I tried some of the bullets Bullseye shooters use so they might do better.
RMR 230gr RNs with 4.7 or 5.0 of HP38 also shot very well for me.
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It's pretty difficult to make an inaccurate load in .45 auto.

That said, my favorite target load is a 200 grain cast SWC over 4.0 grains of Clays. It's worked beautifully for me in several unmodified 1911s and my P220.
I'm building 200 gr. Berry loads currently powered by Unique 7.2-7.5 Gr. seem OK but I'm NO .45 guru . Just like to keep proficient with MY .45's .
5.3 grains on Win. 231/Hp38 under a cast 230 grain round nose bullet. Any of the pistol powders run good in my Springfield.