Your Most Valuable Gun

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Freudianfloyd, May 20, 2021.

  1. kimberkid

    kimberkid Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    Of non-NFA, mine would be my the one my wife bought for me on my 57th birthday.
    It’s a 1957 Colt fully engraved National Match.

  2. J-Bar

    J-Bar Member

    Nov 24, 2010
    Springfield, MO
    All of my guns, except a couple of .22s, have about the same ballpark resale expectation on Gunbroker. The nostalgia value winner is Papa’s (maternal grandfather’s) Winchester Model 42, .410 pump shotgun, made in 1937 and the star of so many teenage hunting memories. He allowed me to borrow it for dove, quail, pheasant, and rabbit seasons, for which I am still grateful. I have posted it before, but one more time:

  3. kimberkid

    kimberkid Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    The most expensive in term of dollars would be my transferable M16, not just due of the cost of the original weapon, but also the assortment of uppers I’ve acquired that all run in burst or full auto modes. Calibers include 22LR, 223/5.56, 5.7x28, 9mm, 300AAC, 7.62x39 which are all typical uppers but after getting a belt-fed itch I had to add one as well which can use regular mags & Beta-Mags as a hand held belt, the 100round nut-sacks & 200 round boxes.

  4. AlexanderA
    • Contributing Member

    AlexanderA Member

    Feb 27, 2011
    The "value" of anything FA is skewed by the Hughes Amendment (to FOPA '86). This has created an artificial rarity. Furthermore, the situation is unstable. Any legislation in this area -- either repealing Hughes or making the ban absolute -- would reduce "values" to a small fraction (or zero) of what they are today. Therefore, "investing" in FA at these prices is a real gamble. (Fortunately, I got mine before 1986.)
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  5. champ0608

    champ0608 Member

    Apr 25, 2013
    As of right now, this rifle.

    This is an original USMC 1903 Unertl Sniper rifle. Not one of the hundreds of fakes or replicas floating around. It might hit the market again soon though as I have a possibility to buy a large Wisconsin ranch, that this would help me buy. I'm on the fence.

    Regardless, for now, this is easily my most valuable rifle, and a cherished possession.

  6. brunowbe

    brunowbe Member

    Aug 15, 2012
    Northern Ohio
    Most valuable in terms of what they cost for me to buy (both bought in the last month):
    IWI Galil Ace 556 and Colt Anaconda

    Most valuable as to what they are selling for currently:
    Arsenal SLR104FR. It’s insane what some of these have gone for, I cringed at how much I paid for it back in 2015 or so, now it would be considered a bargain price.
  7. kimberkid

    kimberkid Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    Skewed or not, at the current time the value of any registered full-auto is easily 25x the price of its semi-counterpart.
    I wasn't liquid enough to buy mine pre-86, however if the Hughes Amendment was to be repealed, I will still have had the "privilege" and enjoyment of owning it for a couple decades and might only kick myself for not selling it sooner.

    BTW ... all investments have a risk factor.
  8. Poper

    Poper Member

    Jun 12, 2006
    Free state of Arizona
    I would have to say my most valuable gun would be the Browning Double Auto my father left me when he passed. Lots of memories afield with him with that gun.
    Two that are always close at hand are:
    1) Circa 1971: Dad and I were hunting ducks and decided to walk around a small-ish slough that was probably 12 acres or so. From the east end of the slough, he started towards the north and I towards the south. We were to meet on the west side where we would sit and drink coffee from a thermos bottle and plot our next strategem. I walked about 10 minutes or so, watching the sky for approaching birds and checking on Dad's progress, too. Suddenly a flock of bluebills came in from the east and followed the edge of the slough around to the north. Dad's shotgun came to his shoulder and I watched him swing with the flock; a small cloud of smoke popped out of the gun barrel and five, count 'em 5!, birds tumbled out of the flock with that single shot! Dad's laugh booming across the the slough was something I wll never forget!
    2) Circa 1972 or 1973: We were pheasant hunting and walked a fenced cornfield and as we were coming to the end, the birds started getting up. Nearly all hens, of course. Suddenly a rooster broke cover right next to Dad's right foot and stayed low to the ground and making a really good head of steam. Instantly, Dad was on him and let him get out a little ways so as not to blow him to smithereens. When Dad's gun boomed, he missed shooting well behind the bird! (One of the few times I saw him miss a pheasant.) Before he could let fly with the second shot, the rooster flew head first into a wood fence post, breaking his neck!:rofl:
    Later, Dad said he missed that one on purpose so that he wouldn't have to dig the shot out of the meat. :scrutiny: :scrutiny: :scrutiny:

    So, yes, his old Double Auto is my most valued firearm.
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  9. easy

    easy Member

    Dec 6, 2005
    Probably my pair of Timberwolf .357 pump carbines. Bought them years ago, seem to be worth much more dollars these days.
  10. Airborne Falcon

    Airborne Falcon Member

    Mar 15, 2006
    Capital City, SC
    I have quite a few very expensive firearms ... especially a couple of custom packages that are seriously overpriced and ridiculously too expensive imho but at my age and stage I could afford them amd wanted them and spent too much money custom building them .... they're vanity firearms.

    And then there are my truly valuable firearms .... I have a few of those too, family hand me downs and/or one rare piece that I bought years ago that suddenly became very valuable to my surprise.

    One is my Grandfather's 1934 Colt 1911C that he bought in Chicago brand new (I still have the receipt of the purchase) and carried in WWII.


    The other is a simple Marlin ... more precisely it is a Marlin Express in 338 MX. What makes it valuable, and what has made so many people offer me so much money for it once they found out I had it is this ....

    It is doubtful the 338 MX will ever be made again. This one is JM stamped. This one has a very special serial number (because it had been held for someone in the company for some time and was accidently released to me) ... and this was the last Marlin to be released from the old factory in Connecticut before the doors were closed ... so they made it special. Finest furniture they had. I have the provenance letter from Bob Tinari who was head of customer service the day before he locked the doors and the moving company showed-up to take everything to NY. It is a great shooter but I never imagined I would luck-into this thing. The pictures do not do it justice. I am a fortunate man, blessed, to have been entrusted with this rifle. It is insane how much I have been offered for this rifle. Well into five figures, the most recent happening just since the Ruger purchase of Marlin by an unnamed anonymous agent through a rep. I have my suspicions who it was ... but who knows. The agent gave me no clues but he was serious and it was an Arkansas area code so who knows.
    DSC01553.jpg DSC01554.jpg DSC01555.jpg
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  11. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    DFW Area
    The one I've spent the most money on is a Beretta 92 pistol I sort of customized.

    The one that a collector would probably find the most interesting is probably an old Colt .38ACP Pocket Hammer. It's an interesting old gun even though it doesn't have much value since it was refinished before it came to me.

    I really don't know which of my guns is worth the most money. I don't really keep track of changing prices on the guns I own. I did take a look at current prices for the FEG SA-85M I bought new in the '90s for about $270 and was a bit surprised at the result.
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  12. Mark_Mark

    Mark_Mark Member

    Jan 9, 2021
    Here another term of value. I got this gun on several Facebook gun trade (remember those days??!!)

    Ruger #1 7STW with Minox scope (All brand New)

    After trading up and getting luck several times $400!

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  13. Meeks36

    Meeks36 Member

    Jun 9, 2019
    Hmmm I don’t own anything fancy. With that said my most valuable ones are also the cheapest. My sons Ruger wrangler. And my daughters 22 cricket. They will hopefully keep them and pass them down. Price wise my century vska. Paid $650 for it.

    NIGHTLORD40K Member

    Mar 17, 2015
    Nostramo (in absentia), Segmentum Ultima
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  15. SharpDog

    SharpDog Member

    Oct 9, 2006

    I have more expensive guns but my model 29 (right) is the most valuable to me. I bought it from eBay when they first started up and didn't know how to sell guns. I recall they just shipped it directly to me :) But it's valuable to me for its accuracy and beauty.


    Attached Files:

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  16. Orion8472

    Orion8472 Member

    May 8, 2008
    I don't have many expensive firearms. Most expensive is just a Taylors 1873, 20" barrel. Got it for $1,300
  17. bannockburn

    bannockburn Member

    Apr 24, 2007
    I traded even up a used HK SL7 for a new in box FEG SA-85M at a gun show years ago. I couldn't find any accessories or spare parts for the HK and if I did find them, I couldn't afford them! So I figured since AKs were becoming so prevalent and ammo and magazines were so cheap, I decided to trade in the HK for something a little more mainstream and easier to buy stuff for it. In the FEG box I found the original receipt from the distributor to the gun shop who bought it. In 1984 the going price was $279.95. I have recently seen prices on the SA-85M and like you I'm pleasantly surprised at what they're going for these days!
  18. 1976B.L.Johns.

    1976B.L.Johns. Member

    Feb 4, 2015
    Very Northern Minnesota
    Your Most Valuable Gun

    Has a more sentimental value than money can buy! ;)
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  19. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Member

    Sep 15, 2007
    The Mid-South.

    This VZ-58 is from Google images. Mine was imported by Czechpoint as the "Sporter" and had the same 'beaver b." furniture added. Bought as "Buy Now" in spring 2019 ; as with 'rainy day' ammo, Never Ever postpone buying something you want, can afford/justify...

    It's a >> Very different gun << than the more famous type which looks very similar.
    All of the imported VZs have milled receivers, have both the barrel threads and the bayo lug. This photo is probably from Europe, where several countries allow private ownership (of these operational guns). o_O

    Those countries are the Opposite of what Canada now allows.
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  20. DTL

    DTL Member

    Feb 20, 2021
    My 1911 Springfield .45 is my most valuable because I can trust my life to it. I have never bought a gun for financial investment, only as investments in trusted, functional pieces for various purposes, defense, hunting, sporting/plinking.
  21. MySuomi

    MySuomi Member

    Jan 3, 2020
    Coastal Plain SC
    I do not buy real expensive pistols. I buy mostly shooters and only have a couple of expensive guns. And that means expensive by my definition. I guess I only have two or so that could be deemed valuable by most gun owners.

    NIB unfired Browning Mark III HP.
    380 1908 Colt Hammerless. Manufacture date in the early 1920's.
    Mint East German Makarov

    It's funny. Any pistol that exceeds $1000 is considered expensive by me.

    What I don't have in quality, I have made up for in quantity. :)
  22. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 3, 2003
    0 hrs east of TN
    Engraved BHPs, a Finn BHP, and a Waffenamt BHP as well as a WWII Ingles.
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  23. 9x56MS

    9x56MS Member

    Jan 31, 2021
    Most valuable to me is my Browning B2000 that my dad and I bought a matched pair when I returned home from the service in 1978. We stacked up a lot of bucks with that pair of 12 gauge with buck barrels. My Dad is 86 now and still tells the tale of us going to gun store and picking them out together. Monetarily wise probably my Mannlicher Schoenauer model 1905 built in 1920 in 9x56 MS.
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  24. jmorris

    jmorris Member

    Sep 30, 2005
    The most valuable are not the finest crafted, hand made beautiful firearms, rather what the .gov has limited in number due to closing the registry May 19, 1986.

  25. loadedround

    loadedround Member

    Feb 18, 2006
    Valley Forge, Pa
    My 1965 Colt Python, 6in/with original box and paperwork.
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