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Refusing to help out... from another state.

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by CoRoMo, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    Interesting. When you tell a child that he cannot run out into the street, he might respond with, "So you just hate me then!".

    I have to agree with your post. At the current point in this "discussion" with him, you can see just one example of him jumping over the hyperbole cliff. Other emails that I haven't posted are very similar. He will say something like, "You're right! I'm going to call Texas Governor Rick Perry and demand that he veto the new Connecticut gun control legislation". :confused: That remark is obviously nothing that could have been drawn from a statement I ever made, but what he's trying to do is frame my position upon a slippery slope and distort it into something that it simply is not. He's trying to insinuate that by me asking him to email the Colorado legislature, I'm of the belief that the governor of one state should be able to rule the proceedings in another. It's a distortion of the topic that you often receive from children, or in my professional experience, from someone whose actions/words have painted them into a corner because they've refused to acknowledge that those actions/words were erroneous.

    In arguments over firing an employee of mine, I've heard them say something like, "You're firing me because I work harder than anyone else and because I show up on time!". Obviously not, but when they've painted themselves into a corner with the position they've chosen to take to the bitter end, they have nothing else in their arsenal except for hyperbolic distortions of the situation.

    You can see this when he says, "I have come around to yours and Mayor Michael Bloomberg's point of view...". Between him and I, I am the one with the longer and purer individualist/Libertarian record. I'm also the ONLY one that has a record of active resistance to a Bloomberg effort. He used to be so confused about constitutional topics that he was simply lost. He's come a long way, due in large part to the education I've given him, but now he's lost again out in this odd wilderness of ultimate libertarianism.

    So my honest assessment of his current "ideology" is that he has simply adopted this position and can't bring himself to admit how stupid it is. I handed his butt to him in front of his family and destroyed his argument, but the only result of that was this staunch, reinforced adherence to this position that he can no longer articulate without the hyperbole, attempted insults, and gross distortion of my beliefs.

    When you handily lose an argument point by point, but then make it your intent to die on that hill, you will have no other points to make and will ultimately resort to hyperbole and personal attacks. Just look at his statements I quoted in posts 23 and 37. In one email he referred to me as a big-government statist and illiterate troglodyte. It's transparent. It was the only way left for him to continue the argument.
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