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The faces of THR

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by TimboKhan, May 31, 2007.

  1. ottohund

    ottohund New Member

    You may be correct sir, I submit my photo for your enjoyment and amusement.

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  2. gunNoob

    gunNoob New Member

    Don't have any photos of me with my guns at the moment so I'll just post some travel photos since that's been my other big hobby for the past few years.

    Hong Kong earlier this month

    Kaua'i back in December

    Singapore back in November
  3. beatledog7

    beatledog7 New Member

    You know, this picture thread may be more truly useful than we have imagined. I mean, the people on here are real people who are having their rights challenged. Not nameless, faceless statistics, but real, normal, diverse, living and breathing individuals.

    Antis tend to see gun owners as just an amorphous, homogeneous blob. This thread proves that perspective couldn't be more wrong.
  4. bergmen

    bergmen Member.

    I don't know, this is what I think I see in the mirror some mornings...

  5. Ironhide

    Ironhide New Member

    Range Day HK MP5.

  6. I think that's why the site Thetruthaboutguns.com is doing an "I am a gun owner" photo submission series.
  7. Akita1

    Akita1 Member

    Thanks for you service brother
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  8. Akita1

    Akita1 Member


    Had climb on top of this beast just to get his head up for the pic

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  9. Steel Horse Rider

    Steel Horse Rider Active Member

    Here is a picture of me (on the left, number 78) after an alumni football game in 2008. The other two guys are my older brother in the center and younger brother on the right. The game is full dress, full contact, 4-15 minute quarters, but no kick or punt returns. It is a fundraiser for the Pop Warner football team. They make a team of those who have graduated in the last 7 years and the other team is everyone older. My brothers and I were the oldest playing by about 20 years. I was 54 at the time. We won.....

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  10. SoCalNoMore

    SoCalNoMore New Member

    Thank you for serving Rugerdude. Is any else impressed with the, what appears to be, an incredible transformation of a teen to a man?

    Great pics of you in the desert. I can imagine how proud your parents must be. Well done
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  11. klcmschlesinger

    klcmschlesinger New Member

    A few of me.....

    I think I posted a few pics here a long time ago, so here are some newer ones.

    Me doing my part to help the Ram's Cheerleaders.

    One of my trips to Shanghai, we found a hooters, a little taste of home.

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  12. Delawarean

    Delawarean New Member

    First Hunt


    This is me, my daughter and my first deer on my first hunt. This was this past November in South central PA.

    My daughter didn't like the dead doe very much! :evil:
  13. theriflespeaks1863

    theriflespeaks1863 New Member

    I guess I'll bite... :)

    1st Pic= Happiness: a wonderful day in the woods, a big 9 pointer to show for it, and a Mosin...

    2nd Pic= Me and my unit, the 2nd VA. Infantry Company F- I am at the far right of the picture nearest to the tent in the background.

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    PCCUSNRET New Member

    My first hunt with a rifle larger than a 22 LR. The gun is a Ruger RS-77 in .270 Win with a Bushnell Scopechief.


    I was fortunate to spend part of my Navy career with a 4 year tour in Argentia, NFLD in the early 80's. I was also very lucky to have drawn and filled moose tags 3 of those 4 years.

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  15. CapnMac

    CapnMac Active Member

    Some old; some new; one at work

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  16. asharpshooter

    asharpshooter New Member

    CapnMac, we need a like button!
  17. josiewales

    josiewales New Member

    theriflespeaks, Is that Nashaminey Park you at? I'm in the 9th Va Cav. Co. B Dismounted.
  18. T2K

    T2K New Member

    It's 3am here in Singapore and I just looked at this ENTIRE thread. It took nearly two hours to click through all 40 pages. If it weren't for so many dead links to lots of the pics, it would have taken much longer, I'm sure.

    Anyway, it's cool and I'm glad to be reminded of how we're all just normal people (well, most of us!).

    2010 with new LWRC M6, Twin Ponds Range, Francis Marion National Forest near Charleston, SC.

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  19. theriflespeaks1863

    theriflespeaks1863 New Member

    Hey josie,

    No, it's unfortunately not Neshaminy. That image was taken at a reenactment in IL, actually, near the Lake Park Forest Preserve in Wauconda. Great event site, nice scenarios. I would love to go to Neshaminy, though... :)

    Nice to meet a another reenactor!

  20. Airbrush Artist--- Staff Manager During for Maroon 5 Concert-Doodes got some Buses..17 hour day whew...[​IMG]

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