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  1. 50of4064
    I dont know that the seating / crimping dies' index off of the length of the case, or off the shoulder of the cartridge. I will have to check my dies' ..and better luck next time setting up your...
  2. Heir Kommt Die Sonne
    @50of4064 Yeah this was the 150 grain. Most likely it was because the case was still too long after trimming.
  3. 50of4064
    Was this the 1st 150gr. Projectile you tried to seat in that batch? And do you know why it crushed?
  4. Heir Kommt Die Sonne
    @50of4064 Nope it was after the first batch of 20, which worked and seated fine. The only thing different was the projectile was switched to a 150 grain.
  5. 50of4064
    Thank you for the additional info...was this the first cartridge you ran through that seating die for that particular die install on you single stage press, for that run you were processing? Or...
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