RMR 147 grain .357 Smiley Bullets

Pictures and measurements of these bullets
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It looks like a good weight, solid point design with a fair meplat, tapered for easier reloads? But, the one on the left, if .38 cal. looks like a Beast! VERRRY Interesting indeed... What is the minimum expansion speed? I saw a report on XTP ammo that said the 125 and 158 gr. needed at least 850 fps to expand reliably, which would eliminate use in a lot of short barrel guns. But, getting hit with even a non-expanding bullet at 800-900 fps would be a great deterrent, I would imagine. Until something provably better comes along, the XTP, Speer 135 gr. 38 Spl. +P short barrel or the Remington Golden Saber 125 .38 +P will do just fine. :)
That bullet on the left is one of the Zero brand 158 grain FN SP. i am not sure the minimum speed for expansion. I don’t think i have ever seen anything in print about it’s specifications. I have never shot anything but paper with them so have no idea about what their real world performance would be. I have however been satisfied with their price and performance. I mostly bought them for shooting in my Marlin.357 carbine so need flat point bullets. Hopefully they will expand at carbine velocities if i ever have to use them for that purpose.

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