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Winchester model 70

Model 70 stock

Wreck-n-Crew, Mar 5, 2017
    • RAT807
      I now have my dad's 1965 model 70 and it looks very similar to yours. My brother refinished the stock several years ago so it looks pretty good and just needed minor touch ups. But, the barrel was shot out, the stock was contacting the barrel and the scope is way outdated...
      I had a barrel install, free floated the barrel and chamber area and the vertical stringing stopped. The stock was oil soaked so I had to address that before bedding was done. I'm on my 3rd set of rings now. I ran into alignment issues so I settled on a 20 MOA base with Burris Signature Zee rings, problem solved. This past weekend I was able to hit a 20" steel target at 820 yards, 3 for 3. I have a couple more tweaks to make before it's totally finished. I'll post a picture when it's done. I hope you will enjoy yours like I am mine.
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