1. Bikerdoc's passing and how you can help

    As many of you know, bikerdoc- AKA Al Spiniello- is no longer with us. There are always extra expenses when someone passes. If you would like to contribute to support his family, please do so here: Bikerdoc GoFundMe page.

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  1. Misplacedtexan
    4 pin firing pin?!:rofl:
  2. Riomouse911
    Playing around with the camera at the range. Gotta love the blossom pattern of the .44 Spl. :thumbup: Stay safe.
  3. Eyrie G. Dogg
    A family member has one of those so I shoot it plenty. It's a stone hoot. I prefer the original cylinder for max fun.
  4. Misplacedtexan
  5. 243winxb
    Needed to load - A powder check die, or a method to check powder level before seating a bullet. My home made -...
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