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    Your ideal tribute firearm

    I know this is going to be unique for everyone. Recently I inherited some money from a family member who was very pro-gun. I want to take about/up to $2k of it and spend it on something memorable. I’ve already got all my basic uses covered currently, with mostly basic mass produced firearms...
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    .38 Special / .357 Rifles

    I’m not sure why it wouldn’t take .358 bullets. It has the same land and groove spec as .357 Magnum. It seems like a gunsmith could lightly ream the throat and have a fully .357 spec muzzle end of the chamber. I wouldn’t doubt that 0.001” of slop was already in most mass produced factory...
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    .38 Special / .357 Rifles

    How set are you on the rimmed case? While it would require new brass, 350 legend is using the same bullets and can be loaded with similar loads. Bolt rifles for it are much more available.
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    'Best' cartridge for long range?

    Just paper punching, of the group the 6.5CM is probably your best bet. Good, fairly inexpensive ammo. Relatively low recoil, good ballistics for longer shooting. All options are a compromise in some way, shape, or form. The 6.5 CM seems to be the pick of best set of compromises for the...
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    6.5 Creedmoor past present future

    It’s not hype at all. It’s a great jack of all trades right now. It does a lot well. But it’s nothing revolutionary (though factory rifles in fast twists is arguably evolutionary). The most revolutionary part is that you can find quality factory ammo for $1/round. It’s not much different...
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    6.5 Creedmoor past present future

    It is a better Jack if all Trades round than most others. It’s easy to shoot in hunting rifles and has good hunting bullets. It has great performance at distance relative to most short action options. And it is the current popular round for the gun mags. It’s not going to replace .308 or...
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    10/22 vs marlin 60?

    There is a lot of emotion tied into this thread. Seems to me the more emotional the response, the less fact/logic tied to it regardless of which you like. Let’s be honest, they are both budget rifles being mass produced. Some will be amazing, most will be average, and some will be duds. Pick...
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    What should I do with my rifle? Sell it or make it a project?

    It doesn’t sound like there is a great purpose for this rifle. Without having a destination I would either trade it, sell it, or keep it as is. If you had a need that this could fill, then change it to meet that need.
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    How much Old School is to much for a new rifle?

    If that’s what you’re doing, do what makes you comfortable. I guess I simply don’t hang around the crowd that paddles for four days in and four days out. I’d be worried more about how I’m going to get the animal out on a canoe that I paddled 4 days in. If you are doing an extreme and want the...
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    How much Old School is to much for a new rifle?

    To me, I don’t see a situation where I would know the scope broke and swap to irons. I will either not know the scope broke and shoot with a broke scope, or I’m probably done for the day. But I’m not trophy hunting and I don’t mind calling it a day if something is visibly wrong with the scope...
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    Tikka T1x Rimfire

    I’m just not demanding enough on hunting style 22lr rifles to see a difference from an average solid wood stock to a great synthetic stock. I have no experience with Tikka synthetic stocks and if they are solid, it’s a functionally good choice. I have had too many crap plastic stocks that flex...
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    Tikka T1x Rimfire

    It seems to do a lot right but I’m sitting pretty flush with rimfire rifles. It will need to do very well to be a better buy than a CZ455. I think that comparison is going to get made rather frequently.
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    Rimfire Accuracy

    Inherent accuracy seems a bit of a myth. These chamberings have vastly different bullet design, quality control, velocities, etc. Certainly some are better suited to longer ranges. I’d guess if you put them all in a perfectly calm environment, the ones with the greatest quality in...
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    Best long range camera system for the money

    You can buy one ar500 full size silhouette for the cost of a DIY camera setup. Maybe two if you get a deal on shipping or have a local store selling them. A camera is $10-$15, transmitter is $15, receiver is $15, and a monitor is $30. Even if you bump the quality a little, a full camera setup...
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    Why it's time to stop recommending 308Win, tips for new "long range" shooters.

    It's no different trying to shrink a 8MOA group to 3MOA than it is to shrink a 6MOA group to 1MOA. Especially of you can have a known good shooter put a few groups down range to give a baseline to shoot for. Starting with better components makes it easier to see when an equipment issue...