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    Quick Question: Re-Finished?

    I'd say original.
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    Savage 99k lusciousness

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    Winchester 37 help needed, please.

    To my knowledge Model 37s didn't have serial numbers except those that were exported FYI. Gun is worth around $375 to $400 or so probably.
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    What's a 6" GP100 worth?

    I'd say, as the others above, around $650 or so.
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    Finest Firearm Acquisitions of 2022

    I usually do shoot all my guns, but I've had it a year and still haven't brought my self to shooting it.
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    Finest Firearm Acquisitions of 2022

    For me it has to be this, Pre Model 27 in box, I believe it is unfired.
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    Bought my first Hi Point. What should I know?

    Never had one of the 45s but I had a 380 that I bought for $20 that ran like a top.
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    Do hammered shotguns have inherent flaws?

    I have 3 hammer SxSs, 2 Rossi coach guns, and a CZ Hammer Classic. No problems come to mind other than a greater snagging potential. I used to have one of those inexpensive Chinese hammer coach guns that had an issue with the bolt that held the LH hammer on would periodically loosen, but never...
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    Accuracy tall tales..,

    I bought a sawed off 16ga Iver Johnson Champion from a guy at a gunshow one time who told me he had shot deer with it with a slug at 175 yards.
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    If lost please return to…..

    Bought several old shotguns and revolvers at farm auctions or estates over the years that had a SSN and/or last name electropenciled on them. Also found scraps of paper inside the butt with name, address and phone number. Coolest thing I found was a Winchester 1897 manufactured in 1923 with a...
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    Early wishes to everybody

    Merry Christmas, hopefully no 40mph winds so I can shoot tomorrow.
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    Has anyone seen a Nambu outside of a museum?

    I used to own the 297th Type 14 ever made, sold it earlier this year.
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    More thoughts on the 9mm revolver

    I've thought about getting one but never have, main reason it is the cheapest off the shelf centerfire available.
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    Winchester 1897 slugger

    Color me thoroughly impressed, very nice work.
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    Would you shoot home reloaded ammo from a private party?

    The only reloads I trust are my own and the person who taught me to reload; no other exceptions.