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    Panic at the gun locker in the night

    Some very good ideas on this thread. I have a similar setup. Mini vault at bedside with a pistol/light in it. I, too, have had those moments when I found the battery dead…..fortunately not at a critical moment. If I didn’t have kids in the house, I may just leave it out. However, frontal...
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    Worry about mag springs?

    I’ve always subscribed to the “less wear if they they stay loaded” camp. And generally, I don’t worry about it. However, I kept a few MecGar CZ75 Compact mags loaded for a few years. I went to use them and found that 4/6 would just dump the ammo after the first couple rounds. Literally no...
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    Do You Own a Ruger PC9?

    I have a Pc9 and a PC9 Charger. Fantastic guns….accurate….reliable. When I put the suppressor on the charger, I wondered why I would have ever spent $2k on the MPX or even a grand on the Scorpion.
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    How to conceal firearms when leaving home?

    My concern is how do I conceal it from my wife once I get it home.
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    one handy gun to go anywhere by car in north america

    In Ohio, you can constitutionally carry a loaded handgun, but you still must keep a long gun and its ammo in separate compartments. Not sure if other states are like this, but your loaded lever would be trouble here.
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    High Grade Rifle Sling

    I have a few from Brass Stacker. Excellent quality. I also have holsters from Diamond D and their slings look nice, but I’ve not touched one and they appear more modern than the traditional Brass Stacker…...
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    124gr .380 Ammo…Has Anyone Used It?

    I’m hoping to get to the range with the kid’s PPK and see what it does this week. I may even put one to the bullet puller, but I’m thinking the bullet is just their 9mm 124gr stuck in shorter brass.
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    124gr .380 Ammo…Has Anyone Used It?

    This ad says “770 FPS”
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    Show Off Your 45acp

    I culled the herd last year. I’m now down to the two that I shot best and valued most. Collection over a year ago: What’s left…..Nighthawk Colt and DW VBOB:
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    Marlin 41 magnum value

    Those seem to be the prices these days
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    124gr .380 Ammo…Has Anyone Used It?

    I purchased a bunch of .380 ammo when ammo supply was short due to what I felt was a good deal. However, my son shoots .380 far more than I do and I never really looked at the bullet weight. It turns out it is a 124 gr bullet in .380. The manufacturer is Ammo Inc. I can’t find any reviews of...
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    Home defense, gun storage and placement

    All of mine are in MiniVaults….bedside and throughout the house. My carry gun sleeps in one as well in my dressing area. Teach your children….make them comfortable and knowledgeable about guns….show them how to be marksmen…but never trust their brain to make good decisions all the time. There...
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    Mouse Gun Carry

    Absolutely get a pocket holster. They are extremely inexpensive and a must. I’ll pocket carry a 642 on a hot day.
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    NEW Hunting Semi-Autos?

    If I was buying based on what you are wanting and your price range, I’d look at Browning, Beretta, and Benelli. I’ve owned semis from all three and I rate the Benelli as the best. My son’s Montefeltro was around $1000 and hasn’t missed a beat in dozens of sporting clays trips. That would be...