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    Ballistics Help Needed

    JBMBallistics calculator will do everything you want.
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    Anyone loaded Berry's plated 148 grain DEWC?

    How long is a Berry's 148 grain DEWC?
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    4 shot groups

    Put a dime over the flyer for the picture.
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    38 special LSWCHP & HP38 - good +P loads?

    Look at the Lucky Gunners tests. Look at the highest-energy load that delivered 12" - 18" penetration.
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    .30-06 vs .308

    What we need is a 7.62x57 Improved.
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    7mm-08: Across the board as good as 30-06?

    Well, it was designed in about 1890. It was just 6mm longer then. Oh, come on. I just spent almost 2 full minutes researching this, and I only came up with 49.
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    Are hollow points really "deadlier" than FMJ?

    Well, can't argue with that.
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    Are hollow points really "deadlier" than FMJ?

    Did I miss your evidence? Do you even have an anecdote?
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    38 special LSWCHP & HP38 - good +P loads?

    2" j frame got to about 825 fps with the Speer 158 gr swchp and Unique or HS-6. 231 didn't get close to that speed with Speer's max +P load.
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    Are hollow points really "deadlier" than FMJ?

    What studies have you seen that concluded that FMJ's work as well as JHP's in those stuations?
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    Are hollow points really "deadlier" than FMJ?

    Over the last 50 years, there have been a lot of well-funded studies of handgun ammunition, by law enforcement agencies and military organizations all over the world. Unless prohibited, they all carry hollowpoints.
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    ballistics physics question

    Sierra 9mm 125 gr. 1325 fps, speed of sound 1125 fps. Bullet slows to 1125 fps at 64 yards. Sound catches bullet at 140 yards.
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    44 mag with unique

    10. Max H110 9. Min H110 8. 1200 fps with 2400 or 4227 7. 10.5 gr Unique 6. 9.5 gr Unique 5. 8.5 Unique 4. 7.5 Unique 3. 6.5 Unique 2. 44 Special cowboy loads 1. 44 Russian loads
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    Drive by against homeowner with AR-15. Homeowner wins, three bad guys down.

    A gunfight with multiple shooters in a residential neighborhood at 3:30 AM. Some people might not see this as a pro-gun story.
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    ballistics physics question

    Thanks to people who have written ballistic calculators, it is possible to look this stuff up. Under one specific set of conditions, a Sierra 30 caliber 150 grain HPBT started at 2600 fps will travel 1723 yards in the same time it will take sound to travel 1723 yards.