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    New Book: Chassepot to FAMAS (French Rifles)

    Amen to your PPS DB. Nobody has fought harder over the centuries than the French. They were at war and fighting like tigers from the time of Julius Caesar all the way up until 1918...almost continuous warfare. They invented smokeless powder too!
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    New Book: Chassepot to FAMAS (French Rifles)

    The Berthier is a really nice rifle and comes in some very intriguing configurations. I like the 3 round en-bloc clip...for some reason. The upgraded version takes 5 rounds but it will still work with a 3-rounder. Neat.
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    JP enterprises captive buffer spring question

    I have a nice little budget AR carbine. The older SW dust cover etc. I'd like to put a new upper on it with a dust cover and either a mid or rifle length gas tube and maybe an 18 inch bbl. Can if get one of the captive, one piece buffer assemblies that will fit in the carbine but...
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    New Marlin Lever Rifles? How are they? Have they fixed their issues?

    Have they fixed all that mess from a few years ago? Canted barrels and all that? I've seen a nice one in .357 which is exactly what I want. I am wondering if they got over their production hurdles here in 2018 and if they are worth getting again?
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    This is possibly the coolest rifle in the history of the universe

    Yes Danny, this is the coolest rifle in the universe. It even beats the Remington Model 8/81. Just amazing. According to Ian, they will build you one in whatever caliber you want. Being a European rifle, I'd want mine in 7x57 which might be the coolest cartridge in the universe...or at least...
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    New Springs, New Walther Problems.

    Well I've got brand spanking new Mecgar mags. 7 rounders for the .380 PPK/S and 8 rounders for the .32 PP. I found the old springs and I am going to just put them back in and see if that makes a difference. If so, I will sit tight there. I frankly do not recall this problem prior to the...
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    New Springs, New Walther Problems.

    I have a couple of very nice old Walthers. A West German PPK/S .380 and a Pre-War (Zella-Mehlis) PP in .32. I went out and got new Wolff recoil springs and since, I've had some fairly regular failures to feed all the way with full mags. The rounds are on their way in but they've hung up...
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    Springfield Armory & Rock River Arms - No More for Me

    The "don't buy Ruger or S&W" thing is just dumb. An awful lot of water under the bridge (not to mention a lot of soil over top of old Bill and for a long time). Free country however. Do as you wish and more power to you.
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    How are mom and pop gun shops still around?

    Around here, central Indiana, the good mom and pop places (and there are many) a) might actually have mom and/or pop working there during the daytime, and b) sell well below MSRP on just about everything except ammo. These same shops tend to be pretty heavy on guns and pretty light on...
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    Is it possible for a rifle to be more accurate at distance than 100 yards?

    Rifle? No. Optics, quite likely if this is a real problem.
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    Swedish Police, What Are They Carrying?

    I like the boots! Nice rifles too.
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    Trying to help my brother sell or give away his collection

    I'll tell you. I see a need here but I can't tell you the right way to fill it. But...if I knew what your brother was selling (had a way to see a catalog) and knew where to go to look at them, I would be willing to travel a bit to see, and have the opportunity to buy, nice old guns. Rather in...
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    EsseEssential Basic Ruger 10/22 Mods?

    Tech Sights
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    Ancient Springfield 1911

    When my mom was in the retirement home, independent living area, all the old folks lived in apartments and cooked and whatnot. I always wanted to make friends with some of the families and the widows presumably...friends enough to see if they had old guns to sell. I always imagined every elder...
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    Henry lever-action Steel Series 44 Magnum (new hog gun)

    How much does it weigh?