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    Mosin Nagant dry firing

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the dry firing. Things are built like a tank I know but still just... always worried about having that bad luck and mine being the one that Comrade Nikolai didn't spend the time heat treating properly and boom, broken firing pin lol. Easiest thing I've found to...
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    All the hype over Vortex scopes

    I can't give a 100% unbiased review, seeing as all I've owned have been older hand me down optics or cheap .22 plinker scopes. I have shot through high end Zeiss, Schmidt&Bender, and Nightforce optics while at the range and the only Vortex I own is a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50. It's on a Savage...
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    Finally, a Yugo I like

    That goes on the list for when i hit powerball lol
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    SKS ID Help? scrolls down to China and it should give you a bit of info
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    Where does one go for a Mauser Action?

    Thanks for all the info and ideas everyone. I've ordered some books and a few little parts and some serious research and planning to do. First thing I need to do is hide the stock I have away. Seeing it everyday is making me want to rush the whole thing :o
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    Where does one go for a Mauser Action?

    Parts, stocks, screws, slings, bayonets I have a general idea of where to get them. I've got bookmarks and am a pretty good web sleuth however trying to find a place to buy a Mauser Action seems to elude me for some reason. Long story short I always had this idea of building a new Mauser...
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    SKS ID Help?

    triangle 26 reciever with a B cyrillic letter in front of the Serial Number might denote a Sino-Soviet. Some information here:
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    NY seeks ammo sales cap

    Voted in is... Well... I wouldn't exactly claim it was a fair vote But hey I guess this is the way to make things safe once the Background check for ammunition purchases got sidelined
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    Source for 8x57mm J factory ammo?
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    NY seeks ammo sales cap

    I highly doubt it would pass, but in NY you never can tell anymore. Wonder who sells 10 round boxes of 8mm Mauser though... Oh I have a single shot 16 gauge, does that mean I can only buy 2 or 3 rounds at a time?
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    22LR Tube Fed Lever Action

    Also, for what it's worth, if you scratch the paint on the Henry receiver it cleans off pretty well.
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    22LR Tube Fed Lever Action

    Cheap model Henry and a Ithaca Saddlegun. No problems on either and both have some of the smoother actions I've had the opportunity to come across. Lot's of people knock the Henry due to the plastic and cheap metal, but I've had mine for awhile, it's taken normal abuse and no issues what'so'ever.
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    Remington M51 parts source sought

    did some google sleuthing and found this place: Can't say I've ordered from them but might not hurt to give'em a call? $10 minimum order and a minimum shipping of $4.75 so...
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    Flashlight recommendation

    I'm a Surefire guy. Yeah they're expensive but from a customer service standpoint they've earned me as a customer. I had an old P6 Defender (Bulb based) for a long time that I used for work and personal use. Bulbs were... Less then stellar in their longevity and weren't cheap either. After...
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    Jerry Miculek shoots the Mosin Nagant 91/30 and M44 carbine

    I was sold on his videos when I saw him do the 1,000 yard shot with a pistol Even if they aren't one take, they still impress me lol