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    Improving Accuracy, 45ACP, SIG P220, Zero 185gr, JHP

    do you have to allow for parallax on that scope setup? murf
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    44 Magnum loads for my Super Redhawk Alaskan?

    you seem to be on a plateau with your powder charge. in my experience with that powder (h110), increasing the charge will not increase velocity (and may even reduce it) for a grain or two. increasing the charge further will then greatly increase velocity and the cases will start to stick. I...
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    44 Magnum loads for my Super Redhawk Alaskan?

    I keep my loads within reloading manual guidelines. There are other powders, but I don't think better powders for this application. Sticking cases, in that gun, won't happen until way above max pressures. I would not use this as a proxy for overpressure.
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    Help me choose between two Ruger SAs.

    Excellent choice! I 3/4 size the 45 colt case to keep the butt end from rattling around in the chamber. makes the loaded round look like an overgrown 44-40. luck, murf
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    This bullet/cartridge combination always surprises me

    have you ever tried a mag primer with that load? murf
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    Improving Accuracy, 45ACP, SIG P220, Zero 185gr, JHP

    a battery change in order here? or, take your best group and fiddle with the col? murf
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    If You Could Only Have One Carry Piece For the Great Outdoors, Woods, Mountains,etc.What Would it Be

    i hike a lot. this is my edc and what I carried yesterday on my hike: 18 rounds of 68 gn xtreme defender. i can't even tell it is in my pocket. I also carry my 45 cal Blackhawk loaded with 325 gn hard cast when, for example, tent camping in yellowstone n. p. murf
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    best 380 defense load?

    Expansion is not necessary. A 95 or 100 grain round nose flat point load (non +p) is my recommendation. Although, I have a 68 grain xd load in my lcpII (kicks less and still penetrates). luck, murf
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    10mm brass check for pressure signs

    no primer swipe from the breach face; a primer flow ring around the firing pin strike dent; still a decent moat (for lack of a better term) around the primer; 19 fps extreme spread. nice load! I wouldn't go any higher with that powder charge, though, murf
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    Ruger Blackhawk Sight Information

    that would be a question for the ruger tech department. why don't you give them a call. luck, murf
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    M1 Garand Failure to Eject First Round

    might want to grease the op rod piston if the gun has been sitting for twenty years. luck, murf
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    Plea to Cast Performance Bullet

    so how do they shoot? there should be plenty of powder room in that case. this heavier bullet will use less powder anyway. murf
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    Heaviest 10mm

    I put a heavy (21pound) spring and a alphawolf barrel in my g30. I run a 265 grain lswc @890 fps for a "bear" load. I don't want to add a "bear caliber" when I can do this in stead. this load is just above 45acp +p pressures and, with the above load, is my 10mm substitute. murf
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    Heaviest 10mm

    try 45 super. murf
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    44 Magnum loads for my Super Redhawk Alaskan?

    didn't see your pics till now. the crimp is good. Just make sure the case wall is not bulged out. you can run your calipers up and down the case to check for an even diameter. keep us posted on your progress, murf. p.s. you will know your crimp is too heavy when little rings of brass...