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    I finally shot a S&W 52-2. WOW! :)

    Let us know how that goes. Reviews I’ve seen on S&W forum were not good.
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    I finally shot a S&W 52-2. WOW! :)

    I’d start with 148 grain HBWC and 2.8 grains of bullseye. Use that as your baseline load and there’s a pretty good chance nothing else will be any noticeably better. I’ll send you some 38 special wadcutter brass and recommended bullets if you want to trade one of those magazines.
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    Charter Arms Pitbull 45acp?

    Moonclips are not necessary and won't work in the gun, however I don't consider that a good thing. Like Tallball says, the spring mechanism works OK but it's not really ideal for quick reloads. If you want a relativity cheap 45 ACP revolver, it fills that role.
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    .22-caliber accuracy

    Realistically, It's a question that is impossible to answer. What does general target shooting mean? Are you looking for a cheap $150 plinker that's "accurate", or looking for something that will shoot tiny groups at 50 yards? What's your budget? New or used?
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    .22-caliber accuracy

    New or used? Colt has the new King Cobra in .22 and S&W has the 617. Those both run around $1,000. Older Colt's include Official Police, Officer Model Match, Police Positive. Older S&W's include K-22's model 17's, etc. All those are generally regarded as being pretty accurate. From...
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    Garmin Xero C1 Pro Dopler Radar chronograph update.

    Good question. If the tech says 50 sessions with 100 shots each, I would assume the limit is 50 sessions but that is just a guess. Why not just say 5,000 shots if that is what it will hold? FWIW I have over 5000 shots in 232 shot strings over 27 visits to the range with my Labradar since I...
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    Garmin Xero C1 Pro Dopler Radar chronograph update.

    If it's limited to 50 sessions, that will fill up quickly. A friend had one of these units at the range last week. I was using it and probably recorded 10 different sessions in half an hour. I tried 2 different types of 22 ammo out of 2 different guns and 3 different 9mm reloads out of 2...
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    Knife or Gun?

    Or you shoot yourself while trying to stab someone. Or even better, you shoot yourself while trying to open an MRE.
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    RMR Bullets Packaging

    Get enough complaint and you figure out a way to make it so USPS doesn’t loose product on a daily basis. I don’t want to pay extra for fancy packaging
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    Ti cylinder issues

    That’s not really true in all applications. My 929 has held up to many thousands of rounds. Small amounts of fast burning powder used in a 9mm round apparently don’t cause any damage.
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    .44 Mag Tracker ($350) last one I promise

    Is that the last gun you’ll buy in February or the last gun you’ll buy this week?
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    Would you Colt 1917?

    You’ll have to get back to me on that after you shoot it.
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    Would you Colt 1917?

    Even in a large frame revolver 45 ACP has some kick to it and the stock grips on the 1917's don't really provide much help in handling the recoil. Changing out for rubber grips helps even though most people think they are a huge downgrade in the looks department.
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    My Child Is Pretty Curious, Do You Lock Up Your Guns?

    If I had kids and some curious friends wanted to come over, I'd probably explain to them I will teach them age appropriate gun safety if they'd like and go from there. I don't have any kids, so i don't really worry about how I store my gun.
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    Vihtavouri N350 - What Say You?

    N350 is nice for hotter loads. N320, N330, & N340 would be more logical options for regular run of the mill loads. N310 is great for light target loads but is spiky if you start to push . VV has N350 loads for rounds for cartridges like .38 Special but some of their starting loads for N350...