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    Carry a rifle in a Jeep Wrangler?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for carrying a rifle in a Jeep Wrangler. I just bought a Jeep and am having difficulty in finding a good way to carry a rifle to the field. There just isn't a lot of room. Does anyone know of a rack or storage system for long arms in a jeep? I never go anywhere...
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    Chimpmunk Problem.

    a good pellet gun:eek:
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    steps for fence posts?

    I do have permission to be on the property that I am hunting. I am not sneaking onto somebody's property, just trying to avoid breaking down thier fence by standing on the wire, getting muddy rolling underneath, or tearing my clothing and skin by trying to slip between the strands. Perhaps...
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    steps for fence posts?

    No, these attach directly to the steel fence posts that hold barbed wire. I am sure they were portable, just snap on and off. I think I saw them on American Shooter several months ago, in thier "new product" segment. Surly some one besides me saw this.
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    steps for fence posts?

    I saw a product advertized on TV that was a plastic step that attached to barbed wire fence post to make stepping over barbed wire fences easy. can anyone steer me to where I can find this product?:confused:
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    "Realistic" deer ranges?

    One advantage the scope has is low light use. I too prefer the iron sights but find a scope much superior in low light conditions and that is pretty common in hunting situations. I have killed dozens of whitetail deer most with scoped rifles but my best buck was with a lever action 45 Colt...
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    Nightsights for your Primary

    In the heat of a the "average" real gun fight, I have my doubts about the effectiveness of any sights. It appears that most shots are fired by "pointing" alone. However, as a LEO, I am required to night qualify once a year and I can assure you that the nite sights make that a much easier task...
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    Use for Safety Locks?

    I do alot of gun trading and have accumulated a dozen of the "safety locks" from various manufactures : Ruger, Beretta, Marlin, Browning, and the general "no name" locks. I have no use for them but hate to throw them away. Anyone have any suggestions for what to do with them? Do they have any...
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    Dumb Moves That Led to SW's Downfall

    I think they made a big mistake when they put the full length under-lugs on all the revolvers. It should be an option, if you like it fine but if you don't, you are out of luck. I also dislike the new cylinder latch button. I guess I am just an old dog and prefer the S&W of the late 70's. Fine...
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    LEOs: What gun are you issued?

    Miami County Kansas Sheriff's Office issues Glock 21 and Speer 230 grain JHP ammuntion.
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    I got an Italian made beretta 92f for $350 did i do good?

    You did great. It is a great gun and I would have expected to pay around $600.00 for a used one with the high cap mags included.:)
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    CCW: How Many Spare Mags/Speedloaders?

    I don't feel the need to carry any spares. I believe that a magazine full in the gun will be enough outside of a war zone :)
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    Gold Plated Parts

    Ni, I hadn't considered Titanium plating. Will look i nto it! Thanks:)
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    Don't think a 1911 is for me.

    I have had several 1911s (probably a dozen over the past 30 years) and have had some difficulty with almost all of them. I did have a Springfield that was perfect. I am fickle and trade guns like most people change their underwear (my wife's thought). I keep coming back to the 1911 as I find...
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    Gold Plated Parts

    I always liked a "pretty girl" but found the a "plain jane" would do the job as well. :rolleyes: Of course, I am a "plain Joe" so no offense to our lady members:uhoh: