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    Our Founding Fathers' perspective on citizens and guns.

    Very good post. We all need to be reminded of what things were like and the effort it took to create this nation. Much of the above is considered sedition by a huge percentage of our current administrstion. There have been reports that quoting our founding fathers is considered to be an act of...
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    SCOTUS considering Bianchi v Frosh/Duncan v Bonta the turning point for AW/magazine ban?

    I can't help but wonder what effect this will have on OR/WA.
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    GOA gets VA Veteran Gun Ban repealed.

    I was warned by a retired officer and member of the VFW that any veteran that got mental health counseling, lost their gun rights. There was a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about that "law". So much so that I didn't get any help for myself when my daughter died mid 2020, nor when...
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    What was your first marksmanship badge of honor? .....

    Fresh out of boot in '81 earned expert rifle and expert pistol medals. Fired for score at a USMC range. As the only squid there I took a lot of ribbing. The handshake and "well done" from that crusty old Gunny meant a lot to me. I was 17.
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    SC passes Constitutional Carry

    21 to go........
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    Charter Arms Pitbull 45acp?

    I said earlier that I had the Bulldog in 45 colt and contacted Charter about getting a 45acp cylinder for it. They wouldn't send me one. But did fit one to the gun for $154.00 plus shipping. When I got it back the action was smoother on both cylinders and the turn around time was just short of...
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    10mm or .45 ACP?

    10mm. Preferably a S&W 610, 4" and a shoebox full of good moon clips.
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    1911 Shootout $4,000 vs. $2,000 vs. $300

    I've had several 1911's over the years, Springfield, Colt, Auto Ordnance, and several Kimbers. All shot reasonably well, some needed tweaking. All in all I was satisfied with each. I've even won a few impromptu competitions with a late 90's Kimber Classic that I picked up new, it was the best...
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    Charter Arms 9mm Revolver

    I had the charter 45 colt with an additional 45acp cylinder. Held up very well for many (unk) rounds. Not a whole lot of fun to shoot all day as the savage little bastard was meaner than a skunk with a sore butt. But it stayed tight and acceptably accurate for the years I had it.
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    New EDC Kahr PM45 DLC finish

    I have the P9 modded to "covert" configuration as well as the TP45 configured the same. Great carry guns. Accurate and solid reliability.
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    If you could have only one pistol?

    I try not to think of such things. It raises my blood pressure.
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    New Ruger LC Carbine in .45 ACP

    I plan to buy one.
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    Project Glock chop

    I've done it to a G17 to take the G19 mags. Also modified a few Kahrs to the "covert" configuration. It is a good modification and happens often. And, no. If done correctly it doesn't look like a "hack job" Full sized guns are best in my opinion, it's also true that the grip is the hard part...
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    Let's get to work in Washington state 2024

    Done. On all of them.
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    Ruger LCP Max locking back before mag is empty

    The rounds may be contacting the tab that the follower pushes up to lock the slide open. The way to test that is to use a sharpie to completely cover the bullets. Hand cycle and look for contact marks. You may need to carefully stone that tab. Its an issue that does happen from time to time.