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    Buckshot/Slug Choke

    Growing up in a shotgun-only-for-deer region of my state, I've shot a lot of slugs and buckshot. Most of my guns have the Invector Plus "back bored" barrels that have a bore diameter of about .742. For deer hunting, the smaller the buck shot, the tighter the choke I like. I have found that...
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    One shotgun to rule them all

    Beretta does not own Browning. Browning is owned by FN Herstal.
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    Spring Turkey Season around the corner. So I made my own pot call.

    I have quite a few turkey pot calls. Slate, glass, crystal, aluminum, you name it. It's fine to buy a call someone else made. But I've been wanting to make a pot call myself, out of materials native to my state of Virginia. I'm not a wood worker. And I'm not a stone mason. But I wanted a...
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    20" vs. 22" Turkey Gun

    Before I knew I "needed" a short barrel on a turkey shot gun, before I knew I "needed" special ammo, and before I knew I "needed" a semi-custom call, I killed turkeys with a New Haven 600 (a rebadged Mossberg 500) with a 28" barrel and C-Lect choke, and 2 3/4" #4 and #6 high brass loads. And I...
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    LeverLove-Hunting Pics

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    Holster for Ruger MkIV Lite and MkII target?

    eBay has some good holsters for sale. I recommend this seller...
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    Enclosed Optic recommendations?

    I've used Burris Fast Fires, Trijicon RMRs, Leupold Delta Point Pros, and now and Aimpoint Acro P-2. Now that I have some time behind the Acro, I won't go back to an open red dot sight. Aimpoint quality and battery life is a well known attibute. The sight holds zero. Is easy to adjust. And...
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    NEF Pardner 12ga

    I love the H&R single shots. 12 gauge full choke 20 gauge mod choke 20 gauge Tracker slug
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    Let's see some hunting self portaits

    With or without game. Here's yours truly. So cold my snot was freezing.
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    Where you hunt pictures!

    Mushrooms the size of satelite dishes
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    2024 Hunting Picture Thread

    The turkey above made for a nice wall memory.
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    2024 Hunting Picture Thread

    My first first big game animal of 2024. Today was the first day of the 4th segment of our 2023-2024 Virginia Fall turkey season. I call this segment the "Winter Season" or "Pre-Spring Season." Deer season is over and I can hunt fall birds without having to wear blaze orange. Sat at my tree...
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    How good are these?

    I have a hard time buying a leather holster online that is made to fit different guns of a particular size. I like to fit my gun to the holster before I buy, just to make sure it does fit. I've come across several leather holsters for guns in the Glock 26 size class, that are labeled as...
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    Do you own a Glock?

    I love Glocks. I have a few. And perhaps a few more tucked away in strategic locations in the house. I've also had several come and go: G20SF, G30SF (both very problematic guns), some .357s, some 9mm Glocks I modified then sold. But never owned a .40 S&W Glock.
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    Maverick 88 the real deal

    Well, that may be the biggest difference.
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    Maverick 88 the real deal

    What's the difference between the 88 and 500? I understand its the safety placement and the action bars pinned to the forearm. Any other differences?
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    3" 00 Buckshot for Deer Hunting

    I live in southeastern Virginia and most of the counties I hunt in are shotgun-only. So I grew up hunting with buckshot and slugs. If I want to hunt with a rifle, I have to drive west several hours to a county that allows it. Buckshot's effective. I call buckshot my weekend load. Because...
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    What is the nicest gun you were ever given as a gift?

    I know, right? Even though my dad was a shooter and a hunter, it never struck me as something that he lived for. And my dad raised me telling he didn't believe things had sentimental value. They were just things. He bought and sold guns like they were going out of style. He gave me many...
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    What is the nicest gun you were ever given as a gift?

    My first gun of my very own. An Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight with a 26" vent rib barrel and fixed IC choke. Given to me by my dad around 1977-1978. Like an idiot, I sold it in the early 90s. Knew I made a mistake soon afterwards and regretted it for years. Took me a long time to find a gun...
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    3" 00 Buckshot for Deer Hunting

    Your right, thanks for that. I was basing what I wrote on the chart below. It appears 11 pellets per ounce is for a .298" diameter pellet, which apparently is an English (British) measure. Out of curiosity, I pulled out the calipers and measured some Winchester pellets taken from factory...