1. Rocky1954

    resizing the 243

    I have a RCBS with laymen dies. When I attempt to full length resize, the shell does not fit totally into my cartridge gauge. It seems to be hanging up at the rim. Any help would be appreciated. The shell does appear to be in touch with the shell holder
  2. Load Master

    How to Use a Rifle Case Gauge to Speed Case Prep

    For all of the rifle cals I reload I use a case gauge to help with sorting cases as to what needs to be done before reloading. This photos shows results after sizing .308 Win cases.
  3. R

    10mm Seating question..

    Hi guys.. I am using a Hornady ND seating die for .40 & 10mm.. It is normal for the 10mm case to not go all the way in to the die like the .40 does right? That's the trade off to give you two calibers in one die correct? In other words you can not kiss the shell jaws to the die with a 10mm...