1. Craig_VA

    X-Post - Cocking for Dry Fire

    See Cocking for Dry Fire - Novice Discovery over in Handguns:Autoloaders. I started the thread there because it applied only to autoloader hand guns, However, I think the discussion should be visible here as a training thread. also.
  2. Craig_VA

    Cocking for Dry Fire - Novice Discovery

    OK, I just figured this out, even though many here may have known it for ages. This post is for other novices who may have shared my previous level of ignorance. I just bought a MantisX for training, so now dry fire practice with my M&P 2.0 9mm requires cocking for each shot. For several days I...
  3. Load Master

    Mantis X Training System - Anyone Else Using it?

    I'm having a lot of fun using the Mantis X Training System. Anyone else here using one? I need some reasonable options to install on my 1911 that doesn't have a rail. Any ideas?
  4. Load Master

    Sometimes It Is Rough Being A Gadget Junkie - Am I Alone?

    Gadgets for evaluating my reloads has increased. Granted, I am a gadget junkie. Yes, I have a chronograph that takes an amazing amount of data on each round and it has helped considerably in my load development. Sometimes I wonder if I shoot just so I can reload. I really like doing both. Am I...