target shooting

  1. Big-bore-bob

    First ever try at indoor bullseye!

    Hi all, Today I had my first experience at indoor bullseye competition. There's a league at my local indoor range with several old timers who are excellent shooters. I was given a lot of great advice ranging from stance to wobble zone to trigger control and I'm overwhelmed and excited to train...
  2. Spottrdev

    The SPOTTR app is finally ready thanks to your feedback

    Hey there! After months of working, I’ve finally got the SPOTTR app ready. I wanted to create an application for my friends and me to improve our shooting skills, but I realized that this tool could be useful for others. So here it is. SPOTTR is pretty straightforward yet functional. Thanks...
  3. IronsightJM

    Best sites for ammo? And best ammo?

    I have heard really good things about targetsportsusa for ammo. I don’t usually buy bulk because I have a gun shop right next to me so if I knew I was gonna shoot I’d walk to the gun store and buy rounds. I know online is cheaper but that’s also with shipping and sense I don’t buy bulk I...
  4. C

    Hunting scopes

    I got a nice 30-06 for hunting and can anyone give me recommendations on a good scope. I hunt in new England but also like to do target shooting as well. I am willing to spend up to $500 on the scope.