1911 and LAR Grizzly parts interchange help

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Nov 4, 2004
At one time I had found what parts of the LAR Grizzly pistols interchanged with the standard 1911 style pistols. I can't find that anymore.
Does anyone know if the disconnector will interchange ?
LAR does not have any of these parts in stock and was not sure what parts interchanged.
Any help here would be GREAT !!!

Thanks, Jeff (GUNKWAZY)
Do I need to offer a reward for this info ?

If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone that may know this info it would be a HUGE help.

Thanks, Jeff (GUNKWAZY)
The disconnector should be standard. The only non-interchangeable parts were those lengthened because of greater OAL of the .45 Win Mag cartridge.

Thanks Daniel,
That's what I'm thinking too, but I'd like to make sure otherwise I'm going to have one expensive boat anchor.
Do you have any idea where I can find that out out for sure ?
I remember at one time someone with a list of parts that were interchangeable, but I can't for the life of me remember where.

Thanks, Jeff (GUNKWAZY)
Hopefully you still have the disconnector for the Grizzly.

Just take it to your local smith or gun store that has a spare parts box and compare the size.

It's been many years since I held a Grizzly but I think the disconnectors are the same.

Also you might try calling Numrich. Many of their sales people are pretty well versed in what parts will interchange.
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