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"That would mean giving a little."

How much do we have to give?

"It's a public health problem."

No. It's a crime problem. Attack the causes of the crime.

Then she admits it:

"Your mindest is filled with fear, ours is filled with grief."

Well, no, your mindset is all naked grief, my mindset isn't fear, it's responsibility.
A PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


AIDS was a public health problem. Avian Flu is a god damn health problem.

I'd like to sit down with this woman and just piss her off with my superior logic.

BTW, im sitting here watching this with my SKS across my lap. I'd better put it down, i might get herpes.
ok, lets just ban all guns. that way, when i want to rob someone all i have to do is pull my knife out, stab you in the kidneys or spine, and take what i want. you will be helpless.

awesome idea! im down, where do i sign up?

move to england if you dont like it. i get frustrated when people spew emotional based fear about an object that is useless without a human operating it.
OK, well I'm back.:)

Either the producers are anti and they edited the footage with an anti undertone or they should have picked a pro-gun person slightly better versed in pro arguments.

Alright, I'm seriously done now at least for the next 13 minutes...I have a feeling, if enough of us are watching this, this thread is going to be, uh, big.:)
Here we go again - blame the gun not the bad guy! It's an epidemic!!

Oh my God, WHERE IS THE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY?! When does the blame fall to the person pulling the trigger?

Will they balance this by showing the families of victims of drunk drivers call for common sense autmobile control laws? Anybody can buy one of those killing machines, no background check required and the dealer will actually ARRANGE FINANCING!!! How do we stop this INSANITY!!! Why can't they get some common sense car purchasing laws in place?
thats great a pistol club and a rifle club on campus bet she did not expect that:neener:

An anti that is ok at shooting how typical!
yeah, they probably also lost to the gators in the championships too haha
Uh oh, she likes it... and the dog! Welcome to fly over country lady.
ok I dont think this show is anti gun at all they do fairly highlight the negitave of crime and guns though..........she might convert just enough to see the light.
When seconds count the cops are just minutes away.

I'm a cop and I get it, why can't she and others like her?
This was a great pro-gun piece, unless they manage to shove some stellar BS in the last 5 minutes.

The anti softened, and the pro-rights supporter never wavered. I like it.
I wish the pro-gun guy had better arguments, or that they were not edited out. Mention how DC, Chicago, England all ban firearms and look at the gun crime rates there. Ask Ceasefire to define "reasonable restrictions" and what would happen when those don't work? Like the previously mentioned locations.

He should also mention how he understands their choice to not own firearms but why infringe on his choice?

YESWE HAVE ONE! time and percistance and education is the key.

ok friends it was great watching tv with you we should do this again some night when another gun show is on.........good night
no it was a bb gun....I think thats what they said, it did look real.....maybe it was?
Cool show, good outcome... And the kid was like me.... and Bobby Hill of King of the Hill Fame:)

This just proves that education is the key. What I like is that it showed that it's actually the gun "nuts" who are the rational, non-emotional side of the argument.
Holy *****!! Guns being used for so many things but none for evil??!!! How can that be? People leading a different lifestyle than her and they're happy? OMG, how can that be? Do these people actually think that the rest of us have horns and tails? And do they actually think that we'd be happier and better off living the way they think we should?

Hopefully she really sees things differently than when she started, and she'll go back and convey that to other people she knows.
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