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Holy Hell

I just saw the last 5 minutes, didn't get to see the entire show but was than an anti that just got converted on NATIONAL tv?

YES WE HAVE ONE! time and percistance and education is the key.

I wouldn't exactly say she's converted...I hate to be a pessimist, but many people are very fickle, including fence-sitters and I'm not sure that was enough to push anyone off that fence.

She's still going to push for more gun control and will never buy one of her own.
LOL maybe she shouldnt live in the hood. go live in a decent neighborhood. id probably think that liberal bs if i had to deal with that crap too. well, ok probably not.
Yeah, I wouldn't say she was converted, but she had her eyes opened. She's not coming from such an emotional place now. Perhaps in time, she will be converted, as once you can get that emotion out of the way, you can start to think logically. And logic favors us.
I was pleasantly surprised by the show! Yes, I wish the gun guy was a little more articulate, but he was a good joe, and it probably helped to have someone like him represent the gunners... If they'd put her in with a shooting poet, she'd come out saying "yes, but you know how MOST gun nuts really are..."
I didn't expect her to convert, but she turned around MUCH more than I expected. And while the ladies from the gun control group had terribly sad stories, they came off with nothing but emotion.
All in all a GOOD SHOW!
And logic favors us

You're right, but isn't it crazy to think that with logic and common sense in our favor we'd still have such a hard time getting people to see things from our perspective?
Oh, wait a minute, that's the conservative vs liberal dilemma too, isn't it?
I just watched it and thought is was a good show. Portrays gun owners in a positive light. She comes around at the end, actually seems more confident at the end of the show than when she was in the beginning.

All in all I liked the show and think Morgan Sperlock did a waell balanced show.

BYW, I didn't see that many guns in his safe 8-10. I imagine the 20 or so I have would be overwhelming. He also looked to have a descent reloading set-up.

Does anyone know if this guy is a THR member?

I was sure this would be an hour on the evils of any and all firearms. I was pleasently surprised by the outcome. I myself am activly involved in the process of converting my own Anti friends. It starts w/ shock and fear at the Idea, than they decide it's ok for me since I'm a vet, and former cop. Eventually they try it, and for the most part they like it, and then their old arguements don't make the same sense to them. I even got a gay freind of my girlfriend to join the local chapter of the PinkPistols. It also helps that I can show them My gunshot wounds and yet I'm a reasonable logical and calm person as I discuss it with them sensibly and let them voice their opinions as I patiently chip away at their front. I really think that if it weren't for the politicos, we'd win this fight hands down.
Oh, wait a minute, that's the conservative vs liberal dilemma too, isn't it?

Why try to inject politics into this thread like that? This thread is about pro-gunners vs antis. Not conservatives vs liberals. (and don't tell me they're equivalent... because they're not.)
I was pleased with the show overall

It started off slowly. She is as we all are products of our environment. Her eyes were definitely opened by the end of the show. She looked like she was enjoying herself at the indoor range with the handgun and proudly showed off her target to her host. Though my expectations were set very low, I was pleasantly surprised overall. Three out of five stars on the two cents ometer.
They could have edited out a lot of the pro-gun argument for the sake of time. The words have already been spoken numerous times. Sometimes a picture, one of an Anti and her first pistol target which she was proud of, is worth more than a thousand pages of numbers to some people.

I could have beat the woman with a dead fish in the first five minutes, but she was willing to confront her fears, and through that, learned that they're not all she thought they were.

The women in the park were classic. "You're trying to make this a good guy/bad guy problem instead of a public health issue." Or however that went.

Then the story from the "good guy" about the stalker.... That really opened her eyes for the first time. I think she finally got it: It really does happen out here in the boonies where there are fewer people. It happens everywhere. And we can stop being the victims.

I don't think she's going to go out and buy a gun. But I do know that when she hears about someone being shot by a criminal, she'll wonder if a gun in the victim's hands might have made a difference.

Death by a thousand cuts. Some are too far gone, it's the ones that don't know any differently we need to focus on.
Good show.
I thought the show was really good too.

But why the heck did they start her out on a shotgun?

And not a .22 rifle or pistol?

Why not the Smith & Wesson .500?
Why try to inject politics into this thread like that? There's plenty of things conservatives are blindly emotional about.

Call it what you will, I find the parallel interesting and worthy of mention. Common sense, logic, and facts opposing emotion, idealism, and conjecture, it seems to me that that is where the line is drawn between pro and anti gun as well as conservative and liberal thought. I'm pretty sure that the political leanings of the people featured in this show are in line with their positions on guns and I think that is part of the discussion, especially when they're talking about firearms legislation.

BTW, I'm conservative and I'm not blindly emotional about anything.

Sorry Rugerlvr, I quoted you before you edited your post.
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They could have edited out a lot of the pro-gun argument for the sake of time. The words have already been spoken numerous times.

WE'VE heard all the pro-gun arguments, but not necessarily the fence sitters we'd like to see educated and influenced by this program. I would've liked to see even a little more pro-gun logic injected into the show. But I'm happy with it. :)
But why the heck did they start her out on a shotgun

Yeah....That was probably a mistake brought on by convenience. Also, trap and skeet are "sporting purposes"... It did set a nice contrast from her time on the indoor range.
Me thinks that a show based on an anti living with me for 30 days would have an entirely different vibe. For starters, I wouldn't have forced the woman to shoot anything, much less a 12ga. Why do we have to be forceful?

The old ladies from Ceasefire made me laugh and dry heave at the same time. It was quite the spectacle for the other person in the room.
Good show. It was much better than I had expected too. She made as much of a turnaround as could be expected. Changing someone's deeply held beliefs is incremental, not sudden and complete. She shows promise. Good for her.
I shut it down after about fifteen or twenty minutes. Too much anti BS that went unchallenged.

I may play the rest eventually, but I would prefer that she be topless.... :D

What bothers me is the assumption that a dancer like that is qualified to make these judgements. She did nothing to indicate that she was....

Not a hack, but it could have been a lot more favorable with some better editing.... :banghead:

I shut it down after about fifteen or twenty minutes. Too much anti BS that went unchallenged.

You shoulda watched the rest. They had to start somewhere, and show her beliefs. Watch a re-run. Good show...
I just got done watching it, thought it was pretty good overall. This chick fits the classic, ill-informed anti with all the pre-concieved notions. She even mentioned the confederate flag and moonshine on the porch, talk about derogatory!:barf::mad: This is how these people think of us?:mad:

It was pretty cool watching her whole attitude change as she became exposed to the gun culture, the legal one.:) One by one, all of here idiotic pre-concieved notions were thrown out the window, the vast majority of people don't use guns for evil, its a sport and hobby, and yes, people protect families with their guns, as she got to interview an actual crime victim. I thought the show was pretty well done, interesting to watch.

Getting people like this to just think its half the battle, that's what this show did.
I wish the guy had been a little smarter.

And said things like, "We don't need to regulate guns, we need to regulate criminals."

He had the same old answer for everything.

And he got owned by that woman from the "Ceasefire" group.

What's good though is that the "Ceasefire" people will probably watch it and see the story about the guy who saved his family from the murderer who tried to break in. (Doubt it will change their opinion though.)

I like how the show's pretty fair and shows both sides.
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