.32 S&W Long advice & suggestions please


Jan 21, 2008
Ft. Lauderdale Fla
Recently my long time shootin' buddy, gave me a Walther GSP target pistol with both .22 LR & .32 S&W Long uppers.
(Actually, I think he got tired of seeing me drool over the pistol every time I saw it,)
He also donated several hundred rounds of .32 S&W long SWC ammo which I am now preparing to reload.
The reloading data in all of my manuals is pretty skimpy on the .32 long, so I am seeking some advice & suggestions.
before I begin pouring powder. Bullets will be 98gr HBWC, Primers are Federal SPP. Available powders are Bullseye, Unique
and VV N320. Suggestions or experiences will be appreciated.

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Bullets will be 98gr HBWC, Primers are Federal SPP. Available powders are Bullseye, Unique
and VV N320. Suggestions or experiences will be appreciated.
I can't help with N-320, but 1.7 Grs of N-310 under a 98 Gr coated DEWC gave me 816 FPS with a Fed 200 primer and 823 FPS with a Win WSR primer at .960 OAL from a 5" Benelli auto.
Not much help here, but if you're switching powders and looking for a light load, I've loaded 32S&W long with 2.5 grains of Trailboss at an OAL of 1.175. 617 fps average. Like throwing BB's at a target!
Just in case,

98 Grain LEAD Round Nose or SWC

Bullseye2.1 gr.702
Bullseye2.3 gr.772 max
VV N3101.9 gr.848 fps (Start)
VV N3102.2 gr.916 MAX
W2312.4 gr.765 near Max
W2312.6 gr.789 max
HP382.4 gr.763 Max
24005.2 gr.701
24005.6 gr.809 Max
Universal2.8 gr.744
Universal3.0 gr.788 max
Unique2.5 gr.664
Unique2.6 gr.Near factory max
Unique +P3.0 gr.~900+ hot (Max)(use in strong guns only or ones designed for H&R mag)
Winchester Factory.32 Long = 693 fpsHi=825 Lo=688 ES=137 (in 5.5″ bbl Ruger .327 Blackhawk)
This is MC Smith's reloading data for 32 S&W long.
Whoops! You said hollow based wadcutters. Not semi wadcutters.
This is for regular wadcutters.
98 Grain Lead Wadcutter

VV N3101.1 gr.618 fps (Start)
VV N3101.3 gr.691 MAX
Bullseye1.9 gr.765
Bullseye2.2 gr.780
Unique2.2 gr.730 (very mild)
Unique2.7 gr.775 Max
Universal1.9 gr.675
Universal2.2 gr.830 max
W2311.9 gr.735 Max
HP381.9 gr.718
HP382.3 gr.860 max
AA No. 52.7 gr.750 Ma
24005.4 gr.794 Max
Titegroup1.8 gr.782 start
Titegroup2.0 gr.865 max

This may be the closest I can come to helping you but I will look through my files more.
The only 32SWL load I have is 2.1 gr HP38 under 98 gr solid base wadcutters

They work great in my S&W Model 30 and 31 revolvers. I do not know if it will work in a semi-auto.

I just got a Manurhin MR32 revolver which I hope to enjoy shooting 32SWL ammunition. . Details on the MR32 later in another thread.
I've loaded .32 S&WL for about 10 years, though I've backed away from it recently. I got tired of fiddling with those tiny cases! But I second Bullseye over Unique. The charge weight is so low for Unique that I never got it to drop very consistently, and I'm not using a trickler for a .32 case.
For using a semi-auto, the OAL really matters, so measure some of the loaded rounds you have and match them exactly. For other load data you can check the online loading guides published by Alliant Powder. Quite often Cowboy Action Shooting databases include .32 S&WL also.