$4000.00 USD for a brand new M45 .45acp?....

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Apr 27, 2006
I saw a new ad by a FFL holder-gun shop saying they had a NIB USMC Colt .45acp pistol for $4000.00!
That seems steep. I know they are rare but are any other forum members seeing such high sale prices for these 1911s?
I watched a guy on a video clip huff & puff about the M45 sidearm claiming the USMC made a huge mistake but I'm not 100% sure.
He also stated the US Marines paid approx $5595.00 per unit. :eek:
I know ForceRecon & the counter terrorist crews get high end weapons/gear but $5500.00 each is a bit of a stretch.
I don't know what they actually paid for the guns, but if it was $5,500 that certainly is not for just the pistol. Regardless of the price, it no doubt comes with extra parts, and other support items. It's not a cheap gun, no well made 1911 is, but they just aren't getting the gun for that price.

I suspect the civilian version of the pistol probably priced just above $2,000.
Kinda like the 1000 dollar hammer or 2000 dollar seat of the crapper. What they really pay we don't know but could be it less , may not more than a civilian version and the extra bucks go toward some of off the book ops ??

Want a m45a1 for less money buy colts rail gun. Get the same gun less the pant desert paint job and maybe a beveled mag well. Local dealer had one a few weeks back for just over 1000 bucks.
colt usmc m45a1 cqbp its a series 80 setup and msrp was supposed to be $1999. But not too many were released with the usmc on the side because the marines didn't want the civilian version saying usmc on the side or something to that effect (iirc correct me if im wrong) So they kind of created a market for them being higher in price. Would I spend 4k on a 1911? hell yes will I buy that one for 4k? hell no. At that price i'd rather have one built the way I want it. Also it does not fit most holsters for railed 1911s

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GI Joe Special Missions?....

Post #3 reminds me of a GI Joe comic book I read in the 1980s as a teen.
A character explains to a Joe(GI Joe was a elite, covert ops unit tasked with counter-terrorism) that the DoD budget contracts & procurement items for things like toilet seats/tools/weapons etc was a "front" for spec ops missions.
Hard to believe? Not really.
But as a veteran, I saw the US armed forces waste 1,000,000s of tax $$$ everyday.
$5500.00 USD for one 1911a1 type .45acp isn't a surprise.

There's a lot of waste in the government, but per unit weapon cost isn't one of those examples. Back when i was in, the military was paying less than 200 bucks for an M-16.

The waste comes at the level of unit/battalion/whatever budgets. Money has to be spent to receive the same next year, so toward the end of the fiscal year (October) things are "lost" or found to be beyond serviceable use and need to be replaced. In other words, budget policy is to blame for the majority of the money wasted, not $1,000 toilet seats and hammers. Or $5,000 pistols.

There are a few gunsmiths that can make a 1911 I'd find worth that kind of money. A production gun? Not so much. Even a "special" production gun.

There is a lot of fraud, waste & abuse at the command/BN/brigade level.
My cousin's ex was a US Army Transportation Corps officer(he retired as a Lt Col/O-5). He told a funny anecdote about how the USAF officers at Ramstein AFB(check spelling) in West Germany used $$$ budgeted for new "aircraft runways" to redo all the sidewalks on the USAF base. :D

Google or research the USMC's new Marine One helicopter fleet scandal(s) too. That's some epic FWA! :cuss:

Going back to the new M45, it looks cool but $4000-5000.00 is not really a valid reason to get one. If I had that cash, Id buy a Cabot Arms left handed 1911a1 .45acp & call it a day! :D
Doesn't say how many?

Colt Defense L.L.C., West Hartford, Conn., was awarded a $22,500,000 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract July 18, 2012 for production, delivery and logistical support of the close quarter battle pistol. Work will be performed in West Hartford, Conn., and is expected to be completed by July 2017. No contract funds will expire by the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured using full and open competition with three offers received. The Marine Corps System Command, Quantico, Va., is the contracting activity (M67854-12-D-1056).
From a search at > http://search.defense.gov/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&sc=0&query=&m=&affiliate=dl_contracts&commit=Search The bid may include ammo, cleaning kits and spare parts. No way to know for sure.
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My read:

The Colt M45 marketed to the general public is, essentially, the same model being manufactured for MARSOC. The pistol’s features include a mil-spec 1913 Picatinny rail and Novak sights. The slim grip has an upswept beavertail and textured G10 panels. The Colt M45 holds 7+1 rounds of .45 ACP. While the capacity and feel of the M45 is what you’d expect from a Colt 1911, so is the price point; the MSRP for the USMC Spec Ops Command’s CQBP is set at $1,999.

The above quote was taken from here and other reads come up about the same where the USMC or more specific the government is paying around 2K per pistol.

Years ago it was $600 toilet seats and claw hammers. I see the prices of toilet seats seem to have been adjusted for inflation. :)

People need to keep in mind that when the government wants something they call out the manufacturing specifications and standards. I once designed a small electronic in nature box so visitors to our business (government visitors) could run some test. Thing worked great and including parts and technician build time I estimate the box cost about $1,500 to build. They did their test and went on their way.

Six months later we heard from them. They wanted to buy 5 EA. of my little design. The government called out the specifications right down to the shipping (mil-spec) containers. When all was said and done my $1,500 box was a $5,000 box. Did the same damn thing but was now the new mil-spec version. :)

Anyway if I were to pop 2K for another 1911 it would be another Series 70 Colt Gold Cup.

I will be getting one at $1050.00 the end of the month so I'll let you guys know how it shoots. The other thing on the USMC version being rare is that this is the last month they will make them for civilian. After this month they will not be roll marked "USMC" on the slide.

Another thing being different on the civilian version is that it is hand fitted whereas the Marine version is not.
A lot of my it is inefficient and bloated procurement regs and processes. By the time the whole supply, manufacturing, and .gov each add their 5$ CYA and 10$ to comply with a CYA-laden mil spec, that hammer has truly had 5400$ spent on it. All because some guy got canned in the 50's for buying a cheap hammer that broke in front of someone important ;)

The USMC would never think of spending $5,000 for a handgun. They'd let the American taxpayer do it for them. BTW, they also wanna say " thanx"! :)

James Yeager, the outspoken gun/tactics instructor from TN has stated the hand fit 1911s are ideal. He's reasons are sound. I wouldn't want to unload $800-$1500.00 USD for a 1911a1 series that cracks apart after a few 100 .45acp rounds. :mad:
PS; The Yankee Marshal, another Youtuber, likes Colts & refers to other 1911 models as "clones" :rolleyes: .
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