5.7 Time

Which one do you recommend?

  • Ruger-57

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • FN Five-seven

    Votes: 6 31.6%
  • M&P 5.7

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • PSA 5.7 Rock

    Votes: 6 31.6%

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Jun 3, 2015
In The Swamp
I'm not a huge fan of polls but I'm making the exception here as I intend to buy one of these. THR is a source of useful info.
I decided I want a 5.7 pistol as a hunting BUG. I'm in Florida and I do my hunting in the swamp - grizzlies are not expected. Hogs, otters, and an ocassional coyote are the only "dangerous predators" you would encounter on a lucky day.
Usually, I carry my CZ P09 and I'm happy with it. The old, proven Parabellum is all you need as a SD round in this neck of the woods. Yet wanting to try the speedy 5.7 as my side arm in those trips.

I've watched many YT videos - Paul Harrell included - and read quite a bit about those platforms. Off the bat, I'm inclined to Ruger. Now, based on your own experience which one should I buy?
I have the psa and really like it, although I have no experience with the others. I did cast a vote for the psa simply for the cost point and it offering great quality and accuracy with nothing given up due to the lower price tag, as well as quality mags for a good price (when on sale). The trigger is also fantastic on my example.
I have the S&W and recommend it - though insert grain of salt here - I have no experience with the others. MachIVshooter has experience with all of them and I think prefers the Ruger too; hopefully he’ll chime in.

My M&P 5.7 is relatively new to me but I like it a lot as a range gun. I put a Holosun 507k on it and it’s a good hitter and flat shooter out to 50 yards. I vaporized a squirrel with the FN 40 grain V-Max load but can’t weigh in on its performance on larger game.
Just this past week, PSA had the 5.7 Rock on sale for $369.00 with one mag.
That includes the slotted slide cut for a RMR sight.Black finish and frame.
I’ve got one in my cart, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
I know basically nothing about any of them but would chose the M&P just because that is about the only plastic fantastic platform I actually kinda like. I don't even own one now but did in the past and found it to be pretty nice. Not 1911 nice of course.
When the FN 5.7 first came out. I had to have one (cool factor) and bought the FN. Paid way to much Shot it a few times and that was it. It didn't do a thing for me. was not real accurate as the trigger was very heavy and could not be improved, Sold it for a big loss. I do not see what it does that other calibers can not, Ammo is expensive and a real PITA to try and reload.

So my vote is none of them but if I had to buy one it would be Ruger just because their service is great.
I've only fondled the Walther, M&P and Ruger. Only the Walther turned me off. I found a reasonably priced FN about 15 years ago. It struck me as a very high quality pistol, easy to shoot well, reliable and unusually clean shooting. I enjoyed it very much. I'll stick with the original for now.
So I bought a Ruger to go along with my already-bought LC carbine. Though my primary reason was for mag compatibility, a true second was the price. But… I’ve since moved on from it. I’ve gotten to shoot the FN (gen 1), the Ruger and the PSA; all seemed about the same in feel. But when I tried the M&P, it was very different. I can’t speak to the longevity of their ‘sleeved-barrel and delayed-mechanism’ design (my words, not the actual description)… but I’m sold on their design. Softer ‘push’ versus a ‘pop’ means, for me, mo‘ quicker followups.