9mm 115 grain plated

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Jan 2, 2015
Just wondering how much difference between plated vs. jacketed bullets. Is the powder the same and is the oal the same. Thanks.
I load plated the same as jacketed, same charge and powder as long as the bullet profiles/bullet length is nearly the same.
Thanks for the info. I haven't loaded 9mm before and noticed that there is a lot of differences in oal. It makes me a little nervous about loading to short
Have you ever used Rocky Mountain bullets. I've load them with .40 cal and have had good luck with them.
No, I've only used Rainier and Berry's plated.

The main safety factor in 9mm IMO is seating depth. (case base to bullet base)
Don't seat a FMJ to JHP length, the base will be deeper in the case and pressure will be higher.
Interesting. Don't shoot much plated, mostly lead. My experience has lead and Berry's shooting with in 4 or 5 fps using mid range load data for lead.
I load most 115 & 124/5 Gr RN FMJ or plated 9MM bullets at 1.130 to 1.135 OAL.
One item I've read on Berry's site is that one shouldn't push plated bullets much beyond 1200 fps. OAL's shouldn't be affected by plated vs. jacketed, you just can't push them as fast. In general, I've found these velocities are at the upper end of lead load specs and the bottom end of similar jacketed load spec's.
I had the same questions as the OP awhile back and spoke with Jay Phillips at Berrys Mfg. Jay sent me an email stating that Berry's recommends using Lead Data for their plated bullets because of the differences between plated and jacketed bullets. Here are two seperate emails he sent me:


Lead data is the perfect match for plated bullets.


Jay R. Phillips
Berry's Mfg


We recommend using a COL of 1.130” for the 9mm 115gr RN. Here is some hard cast lead data that you can use since our plated bullets have the same pressure curve. You can see you have room to increase your load.


Jay R. Phillips

Berry's MFG

I am just passing along the information I received from Jay Phillips when I asked him the exact question as the OP. I can forward the email to anyone who is interested.
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I understand. :)


You can use any published load data for a jacketed or lead bullet as long as it is the same weight bullet. Berry's Manufacturing does not research or publish load data, but any of the load data books or the powder manufacturers' website should have that information for you.

We guarantee our standard bullets to handle velocities up to 1,250 fps, and up to 1,500 fps for the bullets designated as TP (thick plate).
I always went with the 'middle of the road' for a jacketed bullet. I don't push my loads to max fps anyway for target stuff.

I load mostly plated for 9mm. I think my current stash is 124gr which I load with 4.2gr Titegroup @ 1.15 OAL. Nice shooting load in my 3913 and PM9.
The BIG difference between plated bullets and Full metal jacketed bullets is from 11 to 20 cents per bullet.
The targets that I shoot don't know the difference. What is more important to you???:)
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