A Cautionary Tale

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Lost Sheep wrote,
Cooking tools are cooking tools. They do not do double duty as firearms or car or carpentry.

Oddly enough, that wisdom doesn't work both ways. My good screwdrivers are frequently used as pry bars and scrapers.

Oh, well. Been married 26 years plus and going strong. What can I say? (My wife is definitely pro-gun and pro-reloading. I was making ammo for her .357 at the time. And I had planned to put the strainer in the dishwasher when I was done with it. :D)

Spalttergun wrote,
It's a good thing I'm not a mechanic. There would be a transmission on my kitchen table.

My brother-in-law, who is single, does in fact have a transmission on his kitchen table. It's been there for, oh, I don't know... four years or so.
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How many of us have used butter knives as a handy flathead screwdriver? :eek:

And yes, I have countless screwdrivers in 3 roll-away tool chests! :D

When I used a small stainless steel mixing bowl we never used to soak a quad carburetor, wife gave me the rest of old stainless steel bowls and bought her a brand new set - Win Win!
LOL.......funny post.

Thanks for the laughs.... some comments sound familiar. We live in a small house with baby number 2 on the way.... moving the reloading station into a building to make room for the little girl. The wife didn't have to ask.
My wife strolled in as I was doing that, saw what I was using, and flipped. She informed me in detail and at length of her views on using food-prep items at the reloading bench.

When I first started casting bullets I pan lubed them using an odor free paraffin wax/vaseline mix in our kitchen toaster oven. Then I learned about using lithibee lube for higher velocity. My wife didn't need to catch me in the act, because of the odor. Who would of thunk that melting lithium grease in the oven would have made the house stunk so bad. :confused:
"clips of my marriage from 1954 to 2005. involving "Reloading from the beginning!

Met her at college in 1951...got married in (1954) Her favorite uncle gave me a 30/40 Krag so I could deer hunt in those Iowa River Bottom Counties while attending college and worked 3 part time jobs. She had three other uncles that each had their respective farms there in eastern Iowa.................some of the best pheasant and quail hunting I ever had. She would help me reload for rifle & shotgun and enjoyed being out in those Iowa Corn Fields........ She would go on about half of my bird hunts and had no problems with helping cleaning what me & my buddies shot.

Her grandmother lived in the same BIG old house that she (my future wife) lived in along with her mom & dad. Hardly a week-end went buy that the whole family took part in the Sunday meal (cooked to perfection by GrandMa)/..consisting of either Pheasant, Quail, Rabbit, Duck or Geese.
Usually got my deer (WT) in one of the alphalfa field that had the 3rd cutting done and a fair amount was left along the hedge rows and fencelines.....so finding one to shoot was not a great challenge.........The deer usually ended up beening the main course for a mammoth Christman Holiday Dinner.......usually about 18 in attendance. The future wife loved those situations and provided her share of help.......even "acting as a "Blocker" at the end of certain corn fields!! ....My widowed mother even would make the 190 mile drive (from our home in far northern Illinois) for several of the bigger special occasion dinners............

Got married in 1954 (last year of school)......started work seven days after graduation in the marketing & sales engineering portion of the steel-fab requirements of many, many mining & milling operations out west: CO; UT; WY; ID; MT, NV; NM & AZ. Traveled a great deal and the wife traveled with me about half the time... Bosses were always in agreement that "it was a good thing" that a man-on-the-road" had his wife with him..........any way, it worked for us. (40 years of working out in the Boonies with mining & construction folks..........and always getting 'new tips and info on some new hunting places.and always doing my reloading when and where I could...................................................Lost her to cancer after 51 years of marriage, but pushing 81 .....I've got some fabulous memories.........Like the one and only time I had her shoot a 4 point buck with a Colt SSA loaded with a 240 gr Keith HP set on top of 9grs of Unique. At about 40 feet she couldn't miss and the look on her face when that deer fell over where he stood was price-less!!!

Ok......that's enough of this old man dragging memories "out-of-the-vault!!
Indeed---anyone would be considered blessed being just half as fortunate in a well lived life. Good show sir.:) Today I helped a new reloader with some hands on time at the local range. My GF went along and did not complain that it took 5+ hours and while there waiting she helped in the range with a Cowboy Fast Draw event that was held at the same time. Then helped us clean up the mess we made at the 100 YD shooting bench after. She's OK for sure but you were blessed.:cool:
I've been married for 44 years now, and I learned a long time ago to keep momma happy. It's much easier on everyone.

Quite a few years ago she started complaining about the time I spent in the reloading room, and I told her "Look, I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't chase skirts. You always know I'm in here alone. THIS is what I do for fun." She never complained about the reloading time again.
Kinda reminds me when I was 16 and my mother caught me cleaning my GTO valve covers in the dishwaser it seem like a good idea at the time.
This the second time around for my wife and I.When we married 16 years ago, we combined 2 complete households. She picked everything she wanted for our home and I got the leftovers.Now, she gets to use anything that's ours and I get to use anything that's mine,with her permission.She has no problem with my guns and motorcycle as long as I have no problem with her shoes and pocetbooks.
When we married, I had a super nice Colt .38 Det.Spl. She loved shooting it. The, on day I noticed I didn't have it anymore. It had become 'her' gun. I figure a Colt is a cheap price for a happy, safe wife.
My wife of 14 years gave me a set of elephant ivory grips for my 1911 before we were married. Figured then I should keep her.
I stupidly filled my rifle rests with lead shot and crushed walnut shells. After a day at the range with my 18lb rear rest, I decided that I didn't need the shot so I grabbed my wife's strainer and used it to separate the shot from the walnut! Worked great but Shhhhhhh, I didn't tell her! I just washed it really well!
Just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary yesterday.

The secret is:

What's hers is hers..............and what's yours is hers.
Funny story! And, of course, your wife was right. Ammunition and its components have lead and various other materials in them that are quite harmful if ingested. Food prep items shouldn't have little particles of lead embeded into them!
I seldom use items from the kitchen but when I do happen to need a small container at the reloading bench and use something from the kitchen it always is glass, NEVER EVER plastic.
After reading all these post I feel like such a douch...I do all the cooking in my house....:banghead:
Before a man getrs married, he says he'll be the king of the castle or know the reason why. After he gets married, he knows the reason why.
you are hen pecked.

Me? Not really. My wife's just a bit territorial about her equipment, is all. Believe it or not, I have been known to get in a snit if I think my tools are being misued...

"You did WHAT with that wood chisel?? You have GOT to be kidding me ... It's a wood chisel, not a grout scraper. Yes, we have a grout scraper. Ask and you shall receive."
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