Jul 8, 2009
Earth, Currently
hey anyone order from American primers?
Just curious seems to good to be true pricing and Kevin Bacon appears to be ahead of operations using an alias... :)

Any info is appreciated!
By address it links to Clayton Guns in Clayton, NC which does seem legit. If curious you could call them to get further info. They also have their own website. Don't know what you are looking for but I still think I would avoid them. For me, a dead give away on scam sites is to look at primer prices, if they are low then I just move on. If it is owned and run by Clayton it seems like bad timing since every new firearm related gun site seems to be a scam.
ugh lol thought I found a secret honey hole... But I guess not... I thought just maybe id get feed back here that was good. thanks guys for the replies. Ill look else where.
Looked again, now their address shows a building (very interesting looking) in Columbus Ohio with
a phone number to some lady with an instagram account. I'll check again in an hour or so. is another. I was looking for .327 Mag cases and allllmost bit. The Zelle and Bitcoin payment options were serious red flags that stopped me, a quick search showed they were a scam site.

Stay safe.