Anyone had their rifle Hard chromed ?

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Nov 10, 2007
Ive been debating for a year on wether or not to have my Remington 700 and a few handguns hard chromed or sell them and upgrade to the same models in stainless... after weighing out the cost difference im going to have mine hard chromed.
Has anyone here had theirs done, and if so how do you like it?
I arrested a pimp a few years ago that had a hard cromed gun. If that not your line of work I would upgrade to the stainless. Just curious, what's your objection to blued steel?
Planetmobius you really have to be kidding I hope.... Do you realize there are plenty of reputable companies who hard chrome firearms that don't cater to pimps and the like? People hard chrome firearms because of superior wear characteristics and corrosion resistance. :banghead:
Hard chrome is very "non pimp" it looks almost identical to matte or brushed stainless... Hard chrome is what is used on hydraulic cylinders and is very durable.

My objection to blued steel is rust....I wipe down all my guns after use but I had 2 rust badly on me last year.
After a end of season hunting trip that had a heavy morning fog I wiped down my rifle and pistol dry as always and lightly oiled them and put them back with the rest of my guns.
A few months later I happened to take out the revolver I had taken on that trip and and noticed something around the grip and it was a large speck of rust.
I removed the grip and the whole grip frame was solid rust, I took out the rifle and removed it from the stock and there was rust under the barrel on it.
So, that did it for me for blued guns..........

Ive got a stainless 22 revolver that is probably 20 + years old that numerous times has been exposed to full blown rainstorms, being left in wet and muddy 4 wheeler cargo boxes, or in a wet back pack. It has yet to develop a speck of rust on it anywhere.

Id much prefer a gun that I didnt have to disassemble after every foggy morning trip to keep it from rusting.

We have some old used hyd cylinders at work that have been sitting in the weather for a minimum of 3 years and dont any rust on them at all.

The cost of hard chroming is much less than I would loose selling the blued guns and replacing them with stainless.
Take care of your guns, man. If your cleaning method allows them to possibly rust, then either chrome them or replace them with stainless. However, stainless is no replacement for thorough cleaning.
Personally I prefer electroless nickle to hard chrome.
In any case failure to properly maintain your guns is not a reason to buy stainless.
Take them down and clean/lube the whole thing

I heard stainless guns are less durable (structurally) than carbon blue steel version. any truth to it?
I have two rifles and one revolver hard chromed. I did it with highly customized pieces and the chrome is excellent some 20+ years later.

Hard chrome is IMO the most durable finish available - bar none.

Hard chrome becomes part of the metal, not just a coating.

The matte finish diffuses light - good for hunting.

Go for it and don't worry about opinions to the contrary.

Here's my inventory of chromed weapons.

Remington 700 w/hart custom SS barrel in 6.5-06 - hard chromed

Ruger 77 30-06 custom accurized - hard chromed

S&W 29-3 Classic Hunter Mag-Na-Port Predator package and porting - hard chromed.

Here's an image of the 29-3

383307[/ATTACH]"]http:// P8150002-1.jpg


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Very nice looking 29 there snappingtwig.... thanks for the input :)
Looks like it has held up nicely. Ive got 3 guns that new came factory hard chromed and while not as old as your 29 the finish has held up great.
I have a Remington 870P with factory folding stock that is electroless nickeled. This was done in 1980. I worked in S. Louisiana and it was my duty gun. I could wipe it down before and after my shift and still find rust on it. Blued guns just don't hold up as duty weapons.

A few years ago I had the slide on my Kel-Tec 32 "Hard Chromed". I can't tell the difference between the 2. The process is very similar if not identical.

Having that shot gun and pistol done was some of the best money I ever spent. You get the best of both worlds. You get hard carbon steel with the look and benefits of stainless. Any LEO will tell you that duty guns take a beating. Especially if you don't have a take home unit. except for some nicks on the slide grip that shotgun looks as good as the day it was done.

I thinking seriously about getting my BLR 81 done. Talk about the perfect all weather gun.

One suggestion, make sure the person doing it is reputable. Check out some of his previous work. If he is good I wouldn't hesitate.
OK, you guys are right, some of those look pretty good. I was thinking of the last one I saw that was actually a little german .32 GI bring back that had been decked out with a chrome plate and pearl grips. It was awful. But, I'm diggin that 29. I'll adjust myself.
I think if I was that worried about it, I'd send it to Birdsong for Black T. And here is the P6 I had Mahovsky's do, hard chrome isn't like pimp chrome.

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