Anyone like their S&W 617?

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I agree that it is THE best US made 22 revolver currently made. I don't have a M617, but I do have a few M17/M18's.
The model 17 and 617 have a long time history as being one of the most accurate revolvers made. Virtually every shooter that I know has one in their arsenal.
I found mine on gunbroker two weeks ago, it had just started at $450.00 with $25.00 shipping with a buy it now of $525.00 with free shipping. Needless to say I hit the buy it now and called the seller (FFL) as it was a sunday I was suprised he picked up on the first ring. The Monday 1 week later I had it in my hands. 617 no dash 6" 6 shot with a action job and numberd chambers. You could tell it was used but it was in very good condiction, only thing I didn't like is it has goodyear grips:( verry smooth in both s/a and d/a, I belive some one used it for some kind of action shooting.
10 shot 617's are the best for my sport


By ds10speed at 2012-04-29

Since I got into the addictive sport of the Steel Challenge and Bowling Pin Competitions, the only daylight my six shooters see is the brief opening of my gun safe door when I reach in for my 10 shot 617's!

Unless they happen to make a special category for the 6 shooters (most don't), the 10 shot is a must have for these sports.
Nope. In fact I'm selling mine, I don't like guns with a heavy barrel. But I do think my Model 18 is fantastic and I'm seriously considering getting a Model 17 to compliment it.
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