Anyone use ammo from USA Ammunition?

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Feb 22, 2009
I just placed an order for 250 rounds of 9mm from USA Ammo, came out to $58.50 including shipping. It seems like a good deal; anybody have any experience with this stuff? I got the "once used brass" variety. Thanks.
It's been a long time (1997 or so) since I used American Ammunition, so perhaps they're addressed their quality issues since. However, it was the ammunition that caused my K9 to malfunction that prompted me to send it in for "repairs". It turns out the ammunition wasn't properly resized and didn't jive with the K9s tight chamber, wedging themselves in the chamber and causing the pistol to seize in an out-of-battery position.
Weedy, I have read accounts by some who used American Ammunition without issue, so it might not cause you any problems. Give it a shot and see if it works for you; it's not likely to harm your pistol or anything drastic like that.
A friend gave me about 100 Amerc .38 Special cases. They were bar none, the WORST cartridge cases of ANY kind I have EVER seen. Primer pockets were out of spec, along with rim thickness. I sorted out every last Amerc case I had and threw them out.
I bought some AMerc .30 carbine for my M1 years ago. It grouped 10 shots in about 14".... At 15 yards. :eek:
Polymer Wolf did 2.5" groups at *50* yards.

Don't know what to do with the rest of the 70 rounds. haha

Sucks!! You could have just bought white Winchester value packs. I'm sure there is better ammo but I've never had a bitch. The only bitch I've had was with some .223 ammo. When I bought the .223 I noticed the boxes where sealed. When I opened them at home, I found that I had reboxed Israeli surplus ammo.
I have always found it very dicey to get on here and ask if something is good or not, no doubt you get 50% suck and 50% say OK. Shoot em, then tell us if you think you were screwed. Either way you will have learned a lesson. Just my .02 cents...
Ok, well, I did order this from, it was just so inexpensive I figured I'd ask about it, mabe it's "too good to be true." Anyway, as suggested, I'll try it out in my CW9. You guys will be the first to hear about it!
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