Benchmade Knife Sharpening Service

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Apr 28, 2009
Central New York
Back in February I send my Benchmade Mini Griptilian to Benchmade to make use of their free sharpening service. I had the knife for about eight years or so. I can sharpen the blade, but the serrations were getting dull and I don't have the tools for that. So I downloaded the RMA form and off it went. Meanwhile I was sad like loosing a close friend. I tried to carry a couple other knives, but no love there. You find something you like, you miss it when its gone.

I got a couple emails from them, one saying it had been received and then a while later another saying it was returning. When I got home from work and saw the package on my front porch, I instantly grabbed it with a smile. My knife had made it home to me.

While the dogs were out doing their business, I quickly opened the package. It had a packing sheet that said a spring had been replaced. Which spring? I have no clue. As for sharp, it was razor sharp. Serrations as well.

Its an excellent factory knife. IMG_0044.jpg
Must be the axis lock spring. I hear great things about Benchmade's warranty and sharpening services.

I'm on the prowl for a Mini-Grip myself. I recently got a full size Grip and a 940 Osborne. I love both of them but the Grip just feels perfect in my hand. The Grip is my farm work knife, and the 940 is my office knife.

I'm thinking that a Mini-Grip would fit very nicely into the EDC rotation for the office.
I sent all 4 of my Benchmades in to get tuned up just a couple months ago. It was almost like getting back 4 brand new knives. Paperwork took just a little bit extra consideration because one of the knives is an automatic.
I have a "auto" that I won't send them. NY Laws are murky on the subject. It was an issue knife from Iraq. And it was like getting back a new knife.
The drawer full of Benchmade knives needs to be sent back to be sharpened. My 940 Osbourne (My Son bought two, 1 for me) $264.00 each! Insane price, he can afford it. So beautiful, and so light.
To open and close the blade, by depressing the access lock button, and then just shaking the blade out, or back in, so easy. Many years ago, Benchmade, black blade, 1/3 being serrated. Clipped in the pocket of my pants, visiting England. Stopped into a sweet shop, for mints, lovely.
A pack of newspapers had just been delivered, The young Lady who was the sole employee could not open the bundle, nothing to cut the cord around it with. I obliged, click! Blade out, cut cord, she went white with fear, knives that lock, were banned! I explained I lived in Canada. But shortly after that time, they were banned in Canada also.
Love Florida, every other adult Male has a pocket clip showing in a pants pocket! Such a simple show of freedom.
There only springs in the knife are two "omega" springs that provide forward tension on the lockbar. Its not unheard of for one of them break without the user even noticing.
With an old, much used, full sized Ascent I'd like to use their sharpening service (if they'll promise not to restore the black finish the blade originally came with...).

I like the Griptilian as well - and have a full sized version stored on my skiff as a backup... It's never been used and is kept lightly coated with grease and has a lanyard installed for use on the water...
It's ironic that it can be easier to download an RMA, fill out paperwork, print out and pay for a shipping label, and pack up and mail off a package than it is to just sharpen a knife when it needs it. Me, I think I'd rather use a dull knife than to go thru that, lol.
I bought a mini a few years ago as a retirement gift to myself. now I’m buying a second as a backup, So I won’t have to be without when I send one back for sharpening.
I sent my Auto Stryker in through a local dealer about 3 weeks ago for LifeSharp, (had to go through the dealer being an automatic), and that blade had some bad nicks in the serrations, hope they can take care of it! Great knife. But in the meantime the Resistor still works just fine, love Benchmade knives.
I can sharpen a knife pretty sharp. I sent it back to get the serrations sharpened. Something I haven't been able to get just right.
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