Bersa Thunder 380

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Sep 13, 2006
St Louis
My wife bought one of these the other say. she likes it because it's pretty small and meets the requirement for texas concealed carry (.380 or better). Ive heard alot of internet horror stories about these guns but never anything from a person that knows what they are talking about. So what are your thoughts, good gun for the wife? Yes, no, maybe?
Actually, I have never really heard bad stuff about the gun. I had one, and my 69 year old mother liked it. It was one of the few guns she could work the slide on.

Now, she has it.

Never had a problem with it. I know several other people who's wives use the Bersa for a CCW. So, it is a good gun.

Cheapest gun I would buy for self defense, actually.
thats what i told the people that were giving me crap. i said id rather my wife have a gun shes comfortable with and willing to use then one she doesnt like
Don't worry what others say , my wife had me trade off her Sig P230 for a Bersa that she loves (even tho now she eyeing my S&W3913 :uhoh: ) . The slide mounted safety makes it easier for her to rack the slide with her carpal tunnel .
same here my wife is only 21 but she broke her wrist really bad when she was 16 so she doesnt have alot of strength in it.
Bersa .380 was my first of many handguns. I don't know where you heard the Internet horror stories, but in my experience and from most of the posts I've read on this board, the Thunder 380 has a huge, devoted following.

I think you'll like the gun. I do.
Bersa 380

Have had mine for 6 months and have about 1000 rounds through it. Reliable, accurate, and small enough to easily conceal. Love it.
I have had my Thunder .380 for over 5 years. It's reliable and accurate and is my wife's carry gun. Bersas are very good, reliable, affordable guns, and have a great reputation. Check out
i think that for the money it's one of the best little guns out there. I bought one to play with and it's quite accurate and decent to shoot. Mine has a slightly wonky magazine that frequently causes it to not slide-lock on empty, but that should be an eassy fix once I get around to it.

I was going to carry it but decided to go wtih something a bit more powerful and slightly higher capacity, but I think it would make a pretty nice defensive gun.

I even made some carbon grips for it, because I thought it needed more bling. :)

Love my Bersa. Ok! It's my wifes Bersa ,but I still love it. Also if your interested you can get some wrap around rubber on that grip. My hands aren't real big so the grips feel really nice in my hand.
fbodyninja: ... meets the requirement for texas concealed carry (.380 or better)...

For concealed carry in Texas ANY caliber is allowed. If you want to carry a .22 short it's perfectly legal.

The only place in DPS CHL rules pertaining to caliber is in regards to the CHL Proficiency Test. The minimum caliber allowed is .32, not .380

What type of .32 is not mentioned. It could be .32 ACP, .32 S&W or .32 Long rimfire:D
My first autopistol, I loved it then and love it now. Just don't feed it Wolf. ;) I don't really have much of a "role" for it now (I have something bigger for main CCW and a smaller and lighter .380 for backup or "light" carry), but I don't want to part with it.

If your wife can operate it, and hit with it, and carry it - sounds good to me!

DON'T let the gun-snobs get ya down! :D
Let me first say that I do like my bersa thunder .380. In fact I think it's a good gun for the money. BUT.. I do have to say that I have found the metal of the slide to be softer than most of my other guns. It seems to get dings far more easily. That does concern me just a little about it's long term durability.
Bt 380

Great value for the money. Accurate, reliable, fun to shoot.
I have over 750 rounds through this guy w/o an issue.

Check out the BERSA website. Ask Michael T anything about them. He is the guru.


If you want to increase the capacity add a 9 rounder.

Here is the information on the 9 round magazine.

BERSA .380 DLX Blue
9 Round Magazine
Extended Finger Rest Bottom

Link to the order form.


One of each in factory packaging.
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