Bluing and the EPA

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Dec 19, 2006
Anyone here who does or has done (commercially) bluing or any other firearms finishes had to deal with the EPA? Did they inspect your set-up or your disposal practices?
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You're going to have to work with EPA if you're going to install a hot-salt blueing tanks.

Parkerising and rust-blueing are benign enough that they can be legally done in a residential garage.
Not only EPA but if you employ anyone, you have to deal with OSHA; I have been told they are harder to work with than EPA, and the main reason so many gunsmiths no longer do tank bluing.

I thought OSHA only had authority over companies with 10 or more employees. It's a moot point though as I am not in business and don't employ anyone.
We did bluing in the shop for over thirty years and never had a problem with EPA, Now days their are neutralizers that render the salts inert enough to be flushed down the drain.
OSHA came in to our warehouse complex to bug us all. There is one company in there with 10 employees, almost everyone else is 3 max (except Serbu). So I don't think the 10 employees thing is true.

Keep in mind even if you don't have to deal with the EPA or OSHA, local is still going to be up your butt. I was closed all week for that one just to avoid the headaches.
If you are useing molten Salt Peter...there's nothing to discard or throw out or flush away fumes, no hazards, it does no wear out or spoil or smell or need to be replaced because of frequent or even, no nothing, but a 'hot' temperature, molten-salt in an Iron or Stainless Steel immersion tank.

I do not see how the EPA would find anything to be interested in with that.

'OSHA', yeah...if you have employees...but then too, your Insurance Carrier, if you have employees, may care...also...
I dump my soultions in Al Gore's well. It is fully disclosed in my EPA papers and I think it is making Al just a little silly. We don't have problems with them here but we are not a communist state. They usually are realt nice here and will tell you exactly what you need to p all you have to do is call the office and a few weeks later a rep or field rep will contact you
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