Buckshot/Slug Choke

Growing up in a shotgun-only-for-deer region of my state, I've shot a lot of slugs and buckshot. Most of my guns have the Invector Plus "back bored" barrels that have a bore diameter of about .742. For deer hunting, the smaller the buck shot, the tighter the choke I like. I have found that using the flush mounted OEM chokes, 000 patterns well at 40 yards using an Improved Modified, 00 with a Full, and #1 to #4 with an Extra Full. I have also owned and shot a handful of "specialty" buckshot chokes. Some weren't worth the effort (Patternmaster Big Game), some only did as well as the stock chokes (Carlsons Buck Shot), and a couple did exceptionally well (Trulock).

I have a Trulock "Deerstroyer" extended choke with a .710 constriction, which is full for the Invector Plus. Silly name, yes. But it will put all ten 000 pellets from a 3" Remington Express shell onto a 18x18" steel plate at 40 yards. Likewise, it will put all but a few pellets from a 3" fifteen count 00 load onto the same plate at 40 yards. It's an impressive choke.

When I move down to #1 or #4 buckshot, I have a Browning-brand Extra Full trap/turkey extended, ported, choke that measures .685 which will also put the vast majority of pellets on the same plate at 40 yards. I just got a Trulock Predator extended choke, which is much like the Deerstroyer mentioned above, but has a contriction of .680, and is designed for #1 to #4 buck, and coarse smaller shot. I have hopes it will perfrom as well as the Deerstroyer.

If you want to shoot rifled slugs, I have praise for the Carlsons Rifled Choke tube. I have seen that it will tighten up goups somewhat.
Have you personally patterned you guns with different chokes ? Or are you just repeating hear-say? I patterned mine and KNOW the tighter chokes work best.
Different guns pattern differently with different mfr. made or types of loads. If your gun patterns with tighter chokes, great. Keep using them!
This won't change any minds... but... all of the beaten up but still serviceable riot guns in my Department's arsenal (a mix of Mossbergs and Remingtons in my era, 1973 to 1995) - all came with improved cylinder bores... Every one of them was utterly reliable with buck or slugs any time you needed one. All were one shot fight enders if you did your part... Accuracy was just fine - at close quarters.. with simple bead sights...