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But Which one do I NEED? (AR/AK/.22)

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by TheHighlander, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. TheHighlander

    TheHighlander Member

    Jun 30, 2009
    I live in New Jersey. (And go to school in NYC, so dont even tell me about your restrictive gun laws, haha) I currently have 2 mosin nagants, and a k98, but I'm feeling like it may be time to add a new gun to my budding arsenal, haha. I WANT an AR, an AK, and a .22, but in your opinions, which one do I need to have right now? Oh, and its not for match shooting, but fun, occasional shooting, and depending on the ultimate choice, for SHTF scenarios if it ever does come to that.

    Remember, I live in NJ so my options are somewhat limited (we cant even have m1 carbines!?) My father has quite a few himself, including a post ban bushmaster AR, Marlin 39A, .30-30 lever gun, etc. So I'm familiar with quite a range of weapons (read: not a noob) and specifically the AR platform.

    If I were to go the AR route, I would build (assemble is a better word) one myself. The tricky part is finding a decent upper with either a permanently affixed muzzle break (NOT flash hider!) or an unthreaded barrel, and without a bayonet lug (must be because of all those bayonettings in NJ... sarcasm). Basically, its the most expensive, but also the most flexible.

    The AK route would mean Saiga for me. They're pretty high quality, the prices fluctuate depending on when new shipments come in, so they're most likely going to get a little bit cheaper after the price goes up again, and they're one of the only ways to get a NJ compliant AK that isnt either used and bought during the postban period, or a piece of crap wasr 10 that hasnt been modified to take hi-cap mags. Plus later down the line when I have more cash I can convert it and play the 10 parts game. That and I love the look, history, and reliability of the AK.

    The last option is a 10/22. I'm not a lever-gun guy, cant stand them for some reason, and I would kind of rather get one of these sooner rather than later since I like the older metal ones which can still be found somewhat easily at gunshows over the polymer ones. While other .22's may be prettier, or more accurate, you cant beat the 10/22 when it comes to parts and aftermarket availability. The ammo is cheap (and I already have a couple thousand rounds thanks to good old dad who doesnt shoot the Marlin 39A much any more since he got his AR)

    I'm stuck. I want them all, and with the obama purchasing rush just beginning to cool off, we're going to see an influx of overproduced AR lowers and uppers soon. Theres bound to be another big shipment of saigas soon, and some of the talk over at saiga-12 seems to indicate that the long awaited 5.45x39's will start to show up soon (according to RAA employees if they are to be trusted). And, well, the 10/22 is always going to be there, but the metal ones are going bye-bye. So please, HELP!
  2. cchris

    cchris Member

    Apr 12, 2009
    I only have the 10/22, which I find to be my best purchase since I shoot it the most out of anything. a .22 is a good gun to own, since the ammo is so cheap. Even when you're flat-out broke, you can still shell out $3 for 50 rounds of .22 ammo.

    The AK is the next step up in cost - if I had to buy an assault rifle by tomorrow, I'd probably pick a cheap AK, since I can't afford a base AR.

    And as for the AR, I plan on shelling out the hundred or so for a stripped AR lower when I get the $$$. That way, I can build it up as I go, but still own the part considered to be the "firearm" portion of the gun.

    I don't think you're that pressed for time, since the Ruger letter was written in 1989 and was a good base for those anti-gun to draft an assault weapons ban. 5 years later, the AWB passes, and it expired in 2004 - so "post ban" just means a gun is 5 years old or younger. And "pre-ban" and "post-ban" are mostly tactics that sellers used to try to get you to buy a firearm.

    So you probably have a while before you can't buy anything. Everyone needs a .22, so as long as you can keep earning money and this isn't your last firearm purchase, I'd start with that - something cheap and fun. The 10/22's are independent of political aim - they keep going up in price and value as they go (though some may agree, the new ones aren't nearly as good). While the AR's and AK's are going down in price now that Ban Fever has subsided momentarily, the 10/22's aren't doing the same.
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