Calling All Wheelgunners - Choosing a New Front Sight for a Custom S&W

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Dec 26, 2002
Hey Everyone,

I got a call from my gunsmith this morning who is "rehabilitating" my Smith & Wesson M-657 with a 6-inch barrel into the classic 5-inch variety. He said he was using a Weigand front sight base with interchangeable blades and wanted to know what type of front sight I would like to install on the revolver. He suggested a full Patridge as this is what he usually suggests for the design's crisp sight picture, but indicated that he could basically fabricate whatever style I wanted.

The gun is a general purpose piece and its use will crossover into the concealed carry realm from time to time. I am also looking for precision at distance with these sights.

What would my fellow wheelgunners suggest?

Patridge? Baughman ramp? Standard ramp? Plain black, red, or orange insert? Ed McGivern Gold-Bead? Tritium night sights?


Thanks for the input.
I am also looking for precision at distance with these sights.

Patridge. Put on a bead if you want; the sharp outline will still be there. I would probably do the Patridge/bead. Classic and versatile.
Low Light..... Gold Bead would be the same as any other in low light..... No Light would be Night Sites. I have used a 625 with a gold bead and a neon red ramped site. I prefer the gold bead for all around shooting. AS for Night Shooting, get a good flashlight or laser.

With interchangable blades, you can try whatever you like, whenever you like....
I had a customized GP100 once that I had a gunsmith put a blaze orange ramp front sight on. I absolutely loved it. Amazing sight picture, so easy to pick up in any light.
Aim Small, Hit Small. The Baughman sights on most of S&W guns are fine for defense work. While easier to see, to me, a small tartget gets lost in the sights. Don't know what your intentions are for the gun in question but if it were mine and I wanted to do serious long distance target work it would have a fine adj. rear and a gold or ivory bead on a partridge blade.
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