Calling Sam Cade... (Al Mar Pathfinder)

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Brilliant knives, but some of them didn't work as a machete very well since that hollow grind and thin edge will chip/break when used on heavy materials. Big fast scary fighter, though.
Yup. What hso said. They are a bit of a glass cannon.

I came across one in fairly rough shape at the Crossville Jerky Show a few years ago and used it in the woods a bit before passing it on.
It was stainless, the HT seemed pretty hard and it chipped badly if you let it get into the dirt.
You could use it for incidental machete type tasks if you were very careful with it but attempts to use it as a hard use tool would soon end in tears I think.
Yes, there was the Pathfinder and the Quest versions, but Al Mar would make different initial test batches tinkering with the design and materials so there will be variations on both the Pathfinder and the Quest.
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