Caught a Butterfly-pics thread

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Apr 4, 2003
the land of rice and mosquitoes
After seeing a trailor for the Punisher I got to wanting a Butterfly knife again. The wanting has been an off and on thing for the last 22 years, so that puts me wanting one since I was 7 :D. Anyway I did some looking around and found one that I thought would be ok, you know, not a $5 flea market knife, but also not a $120 Benchmade either. The one I found has a 440 stainless steel blade, jigbone inserts, and is put together using hexhead screws for adjusting tension. Since I have never realy worked one I had to do some looking to find some how-to demos and I ran across BalisongXtreme. It's a really good site with a lot of very good technique demos on video and step by step pictures. I never really thought of carring a Butterfly knife as a daily tool but aparently some do have have found quit a few uses for them according to the site. Anyone else have a Butterfly knife lets see some pics, and let us know if it's an EDC or a collectors piece/novelty item.


Congratulations to you and in a few weeks, sorry for the impact on your checking account ;)
Here's a picture of mine. It may be one of a kind, I'm not sure. I use it anyway. I also own a 42 but don't have a pic of it.

(That's a Benchmade 43 mismarked as a 47)
You people and your Benchmades, you gonna make me spend money I ain't got. :uhoh:


That is a really nice flock of butterflies.


That is a interesting patern on the blade of you knife. Is it a specialized pattern or steel? How do you carry your Balisong?
Bling. Bling.

I had no idea balisongs were made outside of my country.
Good-looking work on your pieces.

BTW, often in the Philippines, if someone goes flashy-acrobatic in deploying a balisong when challenged, he's more than likely bluffing.

Usually, it's the guys who open theirs very deliberately (with two hands), and then take the time to lock the handles together that you want to get very far away from --they're actually suckering you into making the first move.

I had a German Paratroop knife, I thought it was fun. It's a little more hinged than those butterfly's, but it is legal in Canada. Anyway those are all very nice, how much would it cost to replace a blade if you were to use it for things like prying or scraping?
I don't know if Benchmade sells the blades separately. Besides, why not just use a prybar or a chisel...or a Strider ;)
No, mine's not a special blade or steel, it was a standard production model, before Benchmade discontinued it, the 43Blk. I guess at the factory they just stamped the wrong number on it. I carry mine mostly in a custom sheath from Gary Graley , sometimes in the Benchmade Sheath, and sometimes loose in the pocket (I don't carry it outside the house much since this is NJ)
how much would it cost to replace a blade if you were to use it for things like prying or scraping?

Well if your lucky BM will replace your blade for no more than 40 dollars if you have a accident with it. I say lucky because some blades are discontinued.

I used my discontinued 750 for a scraper and well.......the rest is history :neener:
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